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Election, Vote Main Event: Gore conceded race
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1. 12-13 Knesset to put Netanyahu in election Israel
C. 12-13 Group claimed murder Greece
D. 12-13 Clinton confronted by hardliners Ireland
E. 12-13 3 missing in mudslide Switzerland
12-13 Gore conceded race Washington
6. 12-13 Polling slow in elections Sudan
H. 12-13 14 people killed in Kashmir Kashmir


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Morning News

Dec.13   Indonesia   163 boatpeople drowned  2 vessels sank in stormy seas

  Israel Knesset to put Netanyahu in election  Parliament gave preliminary approval to allow former PM to challenge his successor Barak

  Greece Group claimed murder  'November 17' has called the assassination of a British diplomat its most important operation

  Ireland Clinton confronted by hardliners  President was confronted by hardline Protestant politicians opposed to the Good Friday Agreement

  Switzerland 3 missing in mudslide  Slide was triggered by a burst water main at the Cleuson-Dixence hydroelectric plant

Evening News

  Washington     Gore conceded race
  Republican Bush addressed the nation as the president-elect from the House chamber of the Texas

  Sudan Polling slow in elections  Several opposition parties are boycotting

  Kashmir 14 people killed in Kashmir  Security forces on high alert after 5 separate attacks

San Francisco Bay Area , December 13, 2000 Timeline