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08-01 Germany's first gay couple wed Berlin
2. 08-01 Queen Mother in hospital England
D. 08-01 Israel to maintain active self-defense Israel
E. 08-01 Car bomb defused Northern Ireland


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Morning News

Aug.1   Berlin   Germany's first gay couple wed
  Angelika and Gudrun Pannier made Germany's first legal homosexual union

  England Queen Mother in hospital  Widow of King George VI is suffering from anaemia

Evening News

  Israel Israel to maintain active self-defense  Cabinet voted to continue its policy of self-defense despite criticism of bombing of a Hamas office

  Northern Ireland Car bomb defused  44lb bomb was found in an estate car in a car park after a phone call

  Indonesia Rescuers locate missing villagers  200 people are still unaccounted at several villages which were crushed after incessant rain triggered landslides

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