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Crime Main Event: Israeli troops attack Jenin
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08-13 Israeli troops attack Jenin West Bank
C. 08-13 Castro marks 75th birthday Cuba
3. 08-13 3 injured in Belfast blast Northern Ireland
4. 08-13 3 IRA members held Bogota, Colombia


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Evening News

Aug.13   West Bank   Israeli troops attack Jenin
  Troops withdrew from the Palestinian town after destroying a police post and surrounding the town governor's office

  Cuba     Castro marks 75th birthday  Dictator is firmly in charge

  Northern Ireland 3 injured in Belfast blast  A small, homemade bomb was thrown into the crowd of rioters

  Colombia 3 IRA members held  Men were arrested at Bogota International Airport for helping train Colombian guerrillas

San Francisco Bay Area , August 13, 2001 Timeline