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War & Army Main Event: Diana butler charged ...
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B. 08-16 Editor attacks harassment Zimbabwe
C. 08-16 Envoys push for access to aid workers Afghanistan
D. 08-16 Balloonist halfway around the world Argentina
4. 08-16 Peres: Israel wants more talks Israel
5. 08-16 Serb denies genocide charge UN Tribunal
G. 08-16 Duval off to fast start at PGA US Georgia
H. 08-16 15 dead in factory blast India
08-16 Diana butler charged with theft London
9. 08-16 32 U.S. paratroopers injured Germany


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Morning News

Aug.16   Zimbabwe Editor attacks harassment  G. Nyarota, 50, editor of Zimbabwe's only independent newspaper, said his arrest was part of the ongoing harassment

  Afghanistan Envoys push for access to aid workers  German, Australian, and U.S. envoys will stay unti they get a face-to-face meeting with the Taliban

  Argentina Balloonist halfway around the world  Steve Fossett is 12,500 miles from his Australian starting point heading toward Brazil

  Israel Peres: Israel wants more talks  Foreign Minister said Israel was trying to renew face-to-face negotiations with the Palestinians

  UN Tribunal Serb denies genocide charge  Colonel Blagojevic has pleaded not guilty to having played a role in the Srebrenica massacre

  US Georgia Duval off to fast start at PGA  David Duval opened with 3 straight birdies at the PGA Championship. Ernie Els took the early lead

  India 15 dead in factory blast  8 more workers remain unaccounted for at a government-owned explosives factory

Evening News

  London   Diana butler charged with theft
  Paul Burrell has been charged with 3 counts of theft of 342 items belonging to Princess of Wales

  Germany   32 U.S. paratroopers injured  Training exercise involved a large-scale parachute jump

  US Georgia   Waite a leader at PGA  Grant Waite shot a 6-under 64. He never played well in the majors

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