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Sports Main Event: U.S. Solo Balloonist Lands
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08-17 U.S. Solo Balloonist Lands Brazil
C. 08-17 NATO force decision delayed NATO
D. 08-17 Taliban treating aid 8 as hostages Afghanistan
E. 08-17 Top Corsican nationalist killed France
5. 08-17 Mickelson joins Waite atop PGA US Georgia
G. 08-17 Manila hotel inferno kills 75 Manila
H. 08-17 U.N. warns Taliban Afghanistan
I. 08-17 1 Palestinian dead, 7 hurt Gaza
9. 08-17 Katayama, Toms on top at PGA Atlanta, US Georgia


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Morning News

Aug.17   Brazil   U.S. Solo Balloonist Lands
  Millionaire Steve Fossett set balloon down ending his 5th round-the-world attempt

  NATO   NATO force decision delayed  As 40 British troops headed to Macedonia, NATO delayed a decision on deploying thousands more

  Afghanistan Taliban treating aid 8 as hostages  The Taliban is aimed at wearing down arrested aid workers by treating them as hostages

  France Top Corsican nationalist killed  Francois Santoni was shot dead at a wedding party by a spray of automatic gunfire

  US Georgia Mickelson joins Waite atop PGA  Phil Mickelson shared the lead with 5 other players at the PGA Championship

Evening News

  Manila   Manila hotel inferno kills 75
  Gire gutted a 6-storey hotel. Emergency services still recovering bodies

  Afghanistan     U.N. warns Taliban  Annan has warned Afghanistan's rulers they violated international law for denying access to arrested aid workers

  Gaza 1 Palestinian dead, 7 hurt  Israeli army fired on Palestinian territory in southern Gaza as response to shooting aimed at an Israeli settlement

  US Georgia Katayama, Toms on top at PGA  Woods was off the 15th green, 40 feet away from the hole at Atlanta Athletic Club

  Mongolia Genghis' grave  Expedition may have uncovered the burial ground of legendary conqueror

  Northern Ireland Police reform plan  The Police Implementation Plan has been published to criticism from Protestants and Catholics

  Serbia Kostunica party quits coalition  Democratic Party of Serbia is pulling out 2 cabinet ministers of the government of Serbia

San Francisco Bay Area , August 17, 2001 Timeline