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Disasters Main Event: NATO begins Macedonia ...
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08-18 NATO begins Macedonia mission Macedonia
C. 08-18 Wife visits Milosevic for 60 UN Tribunal
D. 08-18 Resort rocked by blast Spain
4. 08-18 Beached whale attracts scavengers Nigeria
5. 08-18 Bus crash kills 30 Iran
G. 08-18 Israel fired 2 missiles in Gaza Gaza
H. 08-18 Latin American summit back Argentina Chile
8. 08-18 Faulty wiring blamed for fire Manila


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Morning News

Aug.18   Macedonia     NATO begins Macedonia mission
  Vanguard of 400 troops arrived to collect arms from rebels

  UN Tribunal     Wife visits Milosevic for 60  Mirjana Markovic and grandson visited the former Yugoslav president in detention to celebrate his 60th birthday

  Spain Resort rocked by blast  A dozen people were slightly injured when a car bomb exploded outside a hotel. ETA blamed

  Nigeria Beached whale attracts scavengers  Seeking for free meat slum dwellers tore apart the carcass of a blue whale

  Iran Bus crash kills 30  A head-on collision between a truck and a bus. Among killed was a hardline conservative former MP

Evening News

  Gaza Israel fired 2 missiles in Gaza  Palestinians launched 7 mortar bombs at Gush Katif, an Israeli settlement

  Chile Latin American summit back Argentina  Leaders at 2-day annual Group of Rio appeal to Bush to back IMF aid to Argentina

  Manila Faulty wiring blamed for fire  Blocked fire exits and burglary bars prevented people from escaping

San Francisco Bay Area , August 18, 2001 Timeline