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Politics Main Event: Toms captures PGA Champ...
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B. 08-19 Mine blast kills 33 Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine
2. 08-19 Russia commemorates 1991 coup Moscow
D. 08-19 Israel attacks Arafat guard station Israel
4. 08-19 China jails accused Falun Gongers China
F. 08-19 Schumacher wins Grand Prix Hungary
6. 08-19 Doctor faces death for blasphemy Pakistan
08-19 Toms captures PGA Championship US Georgia
I. 08-19 Hotel owner expected to surrender Manila
J. 08-19 Battle threatens truce Macedonia


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Morning News

Aug.19   Eastern Ukraine   Mine blast kills 33 Map of Donetsk Ukraine  250 miners were working underground when occurred the coal dust and methane gas explosion

  Moscow Russia commemorates 1991 coup  Muscovites who defended the parliament from tanks sent to crush resistance gathered outside the building

  Israel Israel attacks Arafat guard station  Apache helicopters fired missiles on the HQ of Force 17

  China China jails accused Falun Gongers  Alleged organizers have been jailed for up to 13 years

  Hungary Schumacher wins Grand Prix  Michael gets his 2nd straight and 4th overall Formula One championship

  Pakistan Doctor faces death for blasphemy  Sheikh Mohammed Younus has been sentenced for blasphemy and making insulting remarks about Prophet Mohammed

Evening News

  US Georgia   Toms captures PGA Championship
  David Toms laid up on the 490-yard closing hole

  Manila Hotel owner expected to surrender  William Genato will surrender to police to face criminal charges related to pre-dawn blaze

  Macedonia Battle threatens truce  Intensive clashes near Tetovo threatened to disrupt NATO's mission to oversee rebel disarmament

  Florida Sharks attack 3 surfers  The man was bitten on the foot and the girl on the calf

San Francisco Bay Area , August 19, 2001 Timeline