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Crime Main Event: Arafat, Peres agree to meet
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08-21 Arafat, Peres agree to meet Israel
2. 08-21 5 Albanians shot dead Kosovo
3. 08-21 Bosnia Serb denies Srebrenica role UN Tribunal
E. 08-21 Protestants miss reform deadline Northern Ireland
F. 08-21 NATO general backs Macedonia plan NATO
G. 08-21 Fed cuts rates a quarter Washington
7. 08-21 Colombia charges IRA members Colombia
8. 08-21 Most wanted pedophile arrested Thailand
9. 08-21 Missing child found dead California


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Morning News

Aug.21   Israel     Arafat, Peres agree to meet
  Palestinian leader had agreed to meet with Israeli Foreign Minister at any moment

  Kosovo 5 Albanians shot dead  Gunmen stopped the car and killed the parents and 3 of their children

  UN Tribunal Bosnia Serb denies Srebrenica role  Lieutenant-Colonel Dragan Jokic has pleaded not guilty

  Northern Ireland Protestants miss reform deadline  Unionists have failed to meet a deadline for endorsement reform of police force

Evening News

  NATO   NATO general backs Macedonia plan  Conditions are right for the creation of a 3,500 member force to collect weapons

  Washington   Fed cuts rates a quarter  The Federal Reserve makes 7th cut in 2001 to 3.5% and is open for further cuts

  Colombia Colombia charges IRA members  3 men associated with the Irish Republican Army were charged with training FARC rebels

  Thailand Most wanted pedophile arrested  Eric Rosser, 49, a professional pianist, was arrested by FBI agents and Thai police on a tip from a TV show

  California Missing child found dead  3-year-old son of fugitive N. Soltys found dead after Soltys killed wife and 4 other relatives

  Northern England Liverpool, Barca qualified  Barcelona, Liverpool, Lazio, Bayer Leverkusen and Dynamo Kiev qualified for the Champions league

San Francisco Bay Area , August 21, 2001 Timeline