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Disasters Main Event: NATO approves Macedoni...
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08-22 NATO approves Macedonia force NATO
C. 08-22 Bangladesh arrests 58,000 Bangladesh
D. 08-22 Car bomb found in ETA swoop Basque
E. 08-22 Sex twist to arms scandal New Delhi
F. 08-22 4 Palestinians killed West Bank
6. 08-22 Storm sweeps through Tokyo Tokyo
7. 08-22 Tropical storm heads to Hokkaido Hokkaido, Northern Japan
8. 08-22 To break patent for AIDS drug Brazil
J. 08-22 Islamic militants released Pakistan


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Morning News

Aug.22   NATO   NATO approves Macedonia force
  North Atlantic Council has approved Operation Essential Harvest for the deployment 3,500-strong force to collect weapons

  Bangladesh   Bangladesh arrests 58,000  70 people killed in political violence since July 15. Police crack down on troublemakers ahead of general elections

  Basque Car bomb found in ETA swoop  Police arrested 8 ETA separatists and seized 160 kg of explosives

  New Delhi Sex twist to arms scandal  Website filmed army officers demanding sex with prostitutes

  West Bank 4 Palestinians killed  Circumstances around the deaths near town of Betiba were disputed by Palestinians and Israelis

  Tokyo Storm sweeps through Tokyo  Tropical storm Pabuk killed 7 people, flooded hundreds of homes and stopped traffic in southwestern Japan

Evening News

  Northern Japan   Tropical storm heads to Hokkaido Map of Hokkaido Japan  Storm Pabuk killed at 7 people and grounded airplanes. 250 millimeters of rain had already fallen in Hokkaido

  Brazil To break patent for AIDS drug  Government decided to make the drug nelfinavir despite the patent held by the pharmaceutical giant Roche

  Pakistan Islamic militants released  Government has ended a crackdown after 200 religious activists arrested for working in the name of Jihad

  India 6 untouchables killed in caste war  A gang have attacked a sleeping village and shot dead 3 women and 3 of their children

  Scotland Celtic in Champions League. Ajax out  Ajax Amsterdam won over Glasgow Celtic, 1-0. 16 survivors of qualifying round will join 16 leading domestic champions

  Bahamas Tropical Storm Dean  Storm loomed over the eastern Caribbean. Storm warning is in effect for the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands

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