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War & Army Main Event: Israeli rockets hit W...
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08-26 Israeli rockets hit West Bank West Bank
C. 08-26 Rain delays Aussie push England
D. 08-26 50 dead in bus crash Nigeria
4. 08-26 Sri Lanka hits back after rebel attacks Sri Lanka
5. 08-26 Blast as NATO sets weapons target Macedonia
G. 08-26 Balloon disaster kills 6 France


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Morning News

Aug.26   West Bank   Israeli rockets hit West Bank  6 missiles fired at Palestinian police and security posts in Tulkarem. Arafat's elite guard, Force 17, was shelled in Bitunya

  England Rain delays Aussie push  England was forced to follow-on at the Oval

Evening News

  Nigeria   50 dead in bus crash  A commuter bus plunged into a river

  Sri Lanka Sri Lanka hits back after rebel attacks  Troops have killed 6 Tamil Tiger rebels in ground attack after a Tigers killed 40

  Macedonia Blast as NATO sets weapons target  Bomb exploded outside a restaurant. NATO expects to collect 3,300 weapons from Albanians

  France Balloon disaster kills 6  Minutes after taking off balloon hit a power line and burst into flames

San Francisco Bay Area , August 26, 2001 Timeline