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Crime Main Event: Key Palestinian killed
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08-27 Key Palestinian killed West Bank
2. 08-27 British soldier killed Macedonia
D. 08-27 U.S. pilotless spy plane missing Iraq
4. 08-27 Car bomb at Madrid airport Madrid
5. 08-27 Diplomats to see detainees Kabul
G. 08-27 Australia retains the Ashes England
H. 08-27 Troops take positions in Beit Jalah West Bank
I. 08-27 GM protest France


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Morning News

Aug.27   West Bank   Key Palestinian killed
  Abu Ali Mustafa, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was killed in an Israeli missile attack

  Macedonia     British soldier killed  Ian Collins killed by youths who throw the lump of concrete. Rebels begin arms surrender

  Taiwan Taiwan to ease trade with China  Economic advisers urged President to abandon policy of caution and easing a ban on direct trade and transport links

  Iraq U.S. pilotless spy plane missing  RQ-1B is lost over Iraq's southern no-fly zone. Iraq claims to have shot down the plane

  Madrid Car bomb at Madrid airport  Man on behalf of ETA had phoned an hour before the explosion

  Kabul Diplomats to see detainees  3 Western diplomats and 2 relatives of foreign aid workers accused of preaching Christianity have arrived in Kabul

Evening News

  England   Australia retains the Ashes
  Australians wins 4-1. Warne took a match-haul of 11-229

  West Bank Troops take positions in Beit Jalah  Israel took over dominant positions to stop Palestinians from shooting at a Jerusalem suburb

  France GM protest  2 cornfields was destroyed by protestors led by the Peasants Confederation

  London Diana fund to help dying patients  A charity is launching a $7.5 million initiative to help ease the suffering of the dying in the Third World

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