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1. 08-31 Conference on racism starts South Africa
2. 08-31 2 Falun Gong members died in custody China
3. 08-31 Crowds delay Macedonia debate Macedonia
E. 08-31 Milosevic loses court challenge UN Tribunal
F. 08-31 Army fights foot-and-mouth England
08-31 Tokyo explosion and fire kills 44 Tokyo
H. 08-31 Man charged with 7 homicides Iowa
8. 08-31 Agreement on asylum seekers Australia


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Morning News

Aug.31   South Africa     Conference on racism starts  U.N. Secretary-General Annan urging to set aside their differences

  China 2 Falun Gong members died in custody  According to a police, Wu died after falling from a window of a police office, and Chen died of a heart attack

  Macedonia Crowds delay Macedonia debate  Protesters forced a 6-hour delay of debate on approving peace deal

  UN Tribunal Milosevic loses court challenge  Milosevic had tried to get the charges dropped on the grounds that tribunal is illegal

  England Army fights foot-and-mouth  Soldiers are trying to stop the spread of disease after 3 new cases were confirmed

Evening News

  Tokyo   Tokyo explosion and fire kills 44 Map of Tokyo
  Most victims in a mahong parlor on the third floor died by carbon monoxide poisoning. Several jumped from windows

  Iowa Man charged with 7 homicides  Adam Matthew Moss, 23, charged with killing 2 adults and 5 children

  Australia Agreement on asylum seekers  150 will be processed by New Zealand and the remainder by Nauru

San Francisco Bay Area , August 31, 2001 Timeline