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Politics Main Event: Putin meets Kim Jong Il
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08-04 Putin meets Kim Jong Il Moscow
C. 08-04 Missile attack injures Arafat guard Ramallah,, West Bank
3. 08-04 Talks focus on police Macedonia
E. 08-04 Australia beats England by 7 wickets England
5. 08-04 Khatami's swearing-in delayed Iran
6. 08-04 Fishermen stall Navy exercises Puerto Rico
H. 08-04 Troops recover 13 hostages Philippines
I. 08-04 11 officers killed Chechnya


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Morning News

Aug.4   Moscow     Putin meets Kim Jong Il
  North Korean leader intends to observe the moratorium on long-range missile testing until 2003

  West Bank Missile attack injures Arafat guard  2 missiles were fired at a car belonging to Fatah movement in city of Ramallah, West Bank

  Macedonia Talks focus on police  Expected to debate the composition and control of the police in ethnic-Albanian communities

  England Australia beats England by 7 wickets  Australia had an unprecedented 7th consecutive Ashes series victory

Evening News

  Iran   Khatami's swearing-in delayed  Constitutional crisis set conservative leaders against the reform-minded parliament

  Puerto Rico Fishermen stall Navy exercises  30 fishermen invaded federal waters on 3rd day of ship-to-shore shelling on Vieques

  Philippines Troops recover 13 hostages  Filipino hostages were abandoned by their captors

  Chechnya 11 officers killed  Killed Russian and Chechen policemen were sent to investigate the deaths of 2 other officers

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