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1. 08-07 Islamic rebels agree to ceasefire Southern Philippines
2. 08-07 5 rebels killed in raid Macedonia
3. 08-07 Trimble demands more from IRA Northern Ireland
4. 08-07 U.S. planes bomb rocket launcher Iraq
F. 08-07 Israeli businessman killed Amman, Jordan
G. 08-07 Mine blast kills 13 Romania
08-07 Human cloning conference Washington
I. 08-07 Bolivia's new president Bolivia
J. 08-07 Consulate standoff ends peacefully Australia


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Morning News

Aug.7   Southern Philippines   Islamic rebels agree to ceasefire Map of Southern Philippines  Philippine Moro Islamic Liberation Front decided to lay down its arms

  Macedonia 5 rebels killed in raid  Ethnic Albanian rebels killed in a police raid to seize illegal weapons in the capital Skopje

  Northern Ireland Trimble demands more from IRA  Ulster Unionist leader could not back the London-Dublin plan until IRA began disarming

  Iraq U.S. planes bomb rocket launcher  Launcher fired 3 missiles at planes patrolling the northern no-fly zone

  Jordan Israeli businessman killed  A diamond dealer had a rented apartment in Amman

  Romania Mine blast kills 13  Explosion in a coal mine was sparked by methane gas leak

Evening News

  Washington   Human cloning conference
  Scientists blasted researchers who will attempt to clone a human being within the year

  Bolivia   Bolivia's new president  Jorge Quiroga will take over after Hugo Banzer, who resigned because cancer

  Australia Consulate standoff ends peacefully  5-hour standoff between armed police and protesters at the Colombian consulate. Protesters gave themselves up

  Vatican Pope meets married archbishop  Emmanuel Milingo, 71, defected from the Catholic church to sect of the Sun Myung Moon

  Colombia Pastrana cuts off talks with rebels  President suspended peace talks with ELN after disagreements over terms for the negotiations

  Kosovo Iranian gunrunners in Kosovo  3 have been arrested for running arms to ethnic Albanian rebels fighting in Macedonia

San Francisco Bay Area , August 7, 2001 Timeline