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Crime Main Event: Battle in Tetovo
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08-08 Battle in Tetovo Macedonia
2. 08-08 Teen lovers hanged India
D. 08-08 Szabo won 1,500 meters Canada
E. 08-08 Saddam warns West on flights Iraq
5. 08-08 Suicide bomber, helicopter attacks Israel
G. 08-08 Police admit G8 brutality Naples
H. 08-08 Khatami sworn in Iran
8. 08-08 Bombs explode at 3 banks Mexico
J. 08-08 Jones won 200 meters Canada


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Morning News

Aug.8   Macedonia   Battle in Tetovo  9 soldiers were killed in an ambush by ethnic Albanian rebels. Tanks and artillery were pounding rebel positions

  India   Teen lovers hanged  Parents caught the lovers, Jat and Brahmin, during a rendezvous. Family members hanged them on roof of a house

  Canada Szabo won 1,500 meters  Gabriela Szabo would not run if Russia's Yegorova was permitted to compete after testing positive for a banned drug

  Iraq Saddam warns West on flights  President has warned the Washington against continuing to fly military planes over Iraq

  Israel Suicide bomber, helicopter attacks  2 Israeli troops were wounded when an explosive device went off. Israeli helicopters struck a Force 17 security unit

  Naples Police admit G8 brutality  Police chief Gianni De Gennaro has admitted that his officers used excessive force against protesters

  Iran Khatami sworn in  President criticised Justice Department which has shut down dozens of newspapers

Evening News

  Mexico   Bombs explode at 3 banks  2 others bombs were defused. People's Revolutionary Armed Forces claimed responsibility

  Canada Jones won 200 meters  Jones finished in 22.70 seconds

  England 2 die in power station blast  An explosion and subsequent fire happened at the gas-fired Teesside Power Station

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