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B. 09-10 Massoud attacked Afghanistan
2. 11-09 Opposition claims Mazar-e-Sharif Afghanistan
11-12 Alliance moves in abandoned Kabul Kabul
E. 11-14 Aid workers freed Afghanistan
5. 12-06 Kandahar fell Kandahar
G. 12-21 Swearing-in of interim government Kabul

Summary.     Click for More > US claims air supremacy 100 US Rangers clash with Taleban Taleban opponent executed US jets bombard Taleban front line U.S. carpet-bombs Taliban US elite troops helicopter crashes Opposition claims Mazar-e-Sharif   Alliance moves in abandoned Kabul  Taliban have withdrawn most of their troops from the capital moving along a road to the south Aid workers freed  8 Western workers airlifted out of the country by a US military helicopter US kills Bin Laden deputy 4 journalists killed Kunduz falls to opposition Kandahar fell Bin Laden heard in Tora Bora Last al-Qaeda stronghold falls Swearing-in of interim government New Bin Laden TV broadcast
Taleban starting to wreck Buddhas Massoud attacked  Anti-Taliban leader suffered in an assassination attempt. U.S. officials say Massoud was killed. His brother claims he's alive Clerics ask Bin Laden to leave Special forces deploy Afghan opposition backs former king   US begins military strike
  Loud explosions and anti-aircraft fire in Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad.    Cruise missiles, bombers and submarines had been used in the attack on broad ...

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  Taleban starting to wreck Buddhas  Opposition leader said that Taleban has started to destroy 2 centuries-old Buddhas, despite worldwide pleas Arrested for spreading Christianity Massoud attacked

March 2001 ... more > Top ^

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September 2001 ... more > Top ^
  Anti-Taliban leader suffered in an assassination attempt. U.S. officials say Massoud was killed. His brother claims he's alive
Sep.16 Pakistan seeks Bin Laden handover Sep.20     Clerics ask Bin Laden to leave  The resolution is represent a compromise agreed at a meeting in Kabul. The U.S. has dismissed as inadequate Sep.21 Protests turn violent Sep.22 Taliban: Plane shot down Sep.28   Special forces deploy  US and UK commandos have been operating within Afghanistan performing scouting and reconnaissance missions Sep.29   Afghan opposition backs former king  Mohammed Zahir Shah is holding talks in Rome with Northern Alliance to plan a new government Sep.30 Bin Laden 'hidden by Taleban'

October 2001 ... more > Top ^
Oct.2 Blair issues Taliban ultimatum
Oct.5 Taliban offers aid workers deal Oct.6 Bush warns Taleban Oct.7     US begins military strike
  Loud explosions and anti-aircraft fire in Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad
 Cruise missiles, bombers and submarines had been used in the attack on broad range of targets. Osama Bin Laden was seen on video making a defiant statement
Oct.9   US claims air supremacy  The United States now are able to carry out operations around the clock. 85% of targets had been damaged or destroyed Oct.11 US planes pound Kabul Oct.13 Bomb went astray Oct.19   100 US Rangers clash with Taleban  Elite US ground forces fighting in southern Afghanistan. Helicopter gunships also involved Oct.21 US attacks Taleban front line Oct.26   Taleban opponent executed
  Taleban say they have executed opposition commander Abdul Haq, one of the guerrilla commanders Oct.27   US jets bombard Taleban front line  Most sustained bombing raids so far on positions north of Kabul Oct.29 US bombs Bin Laden hide-outs Oct.30  Afghans warned over cluster bombs Allies pound Kandahar Oct.31  Attacks rattle Kandahar   U.S. carpet-bombs Taliban  Navy jets and heavy bombers pounded battle lines between Taliban and Northern Alliance

November 2001 ... more > Top ^
Nov.1 Bin Laden calls Pakistanis to arms
Bombing to go on during Ramadan  UN warns of aid catastrophe Nov.2  Taleban hunt Karzai   US elite troops helicopter crashes  Helicopter was forced down by bad weather and a team of US special forces had to be rescued  B-52s slam Taliban frontline Nov.3  Bin Laden hits out at UN infidels  Taliban town taken by N. Alliance Nov.5  More troops aid bombing raids  Alliance preparing multi-pronged attack  Taliban troops killed Nov.6  Pentagon deny helicopter crash  N. Alliance capture town of Kisindeh Nov.8  Alliance gaining ground on Mazar  Heavy bombing on Kandahar Nov.9   Opposition claims Mazar-e-Sharif
Nov.10  Bush: N. Alliance stay out of Kabul Nov.11  N. Alliance take several towns  Northern Alliance moves on Kabul Nov.12  Opposition claims Heart  Opposition edge Kabul   Alliance moves in abandoned Kabul
  Taliban have withdrawn most of their troops from the capital moving along a road to the south
Nov.13  UN invited to organize government Nov.14 Jalalabad seized   Aid workers freed
  8 Western workers airlifted out of the country by a US military helicopter
 Post-Taliban government discussing Nov.15 US raids kill terror group leaders  Omar issues new threat  N. Alliance under U.S. pressure Nov.16  Taliban evacuate Kandahar     US kills Bin Laden deputy  Air strikes near Kabul had killed Mohammed Atef, a key planner behind the 11 September attacks Nov.17  Rabbani returns to Kabul  Taliban still in control of Kandahar Nov.18 Taliban offer to surrender Konduz  Northern Alliance willing to meet king Nov.19   4 journalists killed Map of Jalalabad Afghanistan  Gunmen stopped an unguarded convoy on the way from Jalalabad to Kabul. 4 bodies had been found  Senior Taliban official switches sides  Taleban in Kunduz 'near surrender' Nov.20 N. Alliance agrees to talks in Europe  120,000 children face famine Nov.21  Taliban vow to fight on in Kandahar  Taliban to stop fighting in Konduz Nov.22  Konduz fight rages Nov.23  Alliance ready to push south Nov.24  Top Taliban commander surrenders  Northern Alliance entered Kunduz Nov.25  Carnage in prison revolt  Alliance claimed half of Konduz   Kunduz falls to opposition  General Daoud says city has finally fallen to his forces. There had been sporadic fighting.  Marines on ground near Kandahar Nov.26  US Marines hunt Bin Laden Nov.27 Afghan conference starts  U.S. strikes leadership compound Nov.28 CIA officer killed  Alliance opposes multi-national force  Mixed signals on force plan Nov.29  U.S. keeps pressure on Kandahar  Afghan factions edge closer to deal Nov.30  Airstrikes slam Kandahar

December 2001 ... more > Top ^
Dec.1  U.S. airstrikes kill villagers Dec.2  Name of interim Afghan PM proposed Dec.3  Agreement on Afghan government Dec.4  Raid wounds top bin Laden aide  Anti-Taliban fighters battle al Qaeda  Karzai to head Afghanistan  Anti-Talibans rush to Tora Bora Dec.5 Afghan factions sign power deal
 3 US soldiers killed by B-52 bomb Dec.6   Kandahar fell  The Taliban lost last major stronghold. Opposition forces entered the city. There are reports of looting Dec.7  Confusion over Omar fate Dec.8  Afghans urged to hunt down fugitives  Factions discuss Kandahar leadership Dec.9  US planes pound Bin Laden hideout Dec.10  Afghans gaining on al Qaeda  Key tunnel taken at caves Dec.11  Gains against al Qaeda in mountains  al Qaeda surrender deadline passes Dec.12  Freedom in exchange for bin Laden Dec.13  Bin Laden surrounded in caves Dec.14  US troops storm al-Qaeda caves Dec.15     Bin Laden heard in Tora Bora  U.S. forces have heard Osama giving orders over a short-range radio  Chemical war camp found Dec.16     Last al-Qaeda stronghold falls  Tribal fighters have taken the al-Qaeda positions in the caves of Tora Bora. Whereabouts of Bin Laden unknown  Allies in hot pursuit of al-Qaeda Dec.17  Prisoners: bin Laden in Afghanistan  Humiliation for al-Qaeda fighters  Taliban may have arranged escapes Dec.18 Karzai ready for foreign troops Dec.20 Green light for Afghan force British troops spearhead Afghan force Dec.21     Swearing-in of interim government  Ceremony attended by representatives from every province. 30-member government is to be headed by Hamid Karzai Dec.22 Karzai appealed for billions of dollars Dec.24 Warlord Dostum is given top job Dec.26     New Bin Laden TV broadcast  Osama has accused the West of loathing Islam in a message broadcast by Jazeera