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Kabul aid workers trial resumes   Bush warns Taleban  US President demands to hand over Bin Laden. Gunners tried to shoot down an aircraft above Kabul US launches new strikes  Bomber aircraft and missiles targeted military airfields, tanks and fighters in Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad Kabul raids US planes pound Kabul  Bombs have fallen near the airport and a military base in the east of Kabul. Taleban said 140 people had been killed Loud explosions, huge fireball  Kabul has come under further attack during the night. British said campaign could last into next summer Bombardment resumes  Loud explosions in and around Kabul. The shockwaves of the bombs were severe Bomb went astray  US admits a bomb has missed a Taleban military target at Kabul airport and fallen on a residential neighbourhood   Bush rejected offer by Taleban  Overnight and daylight attacks made on Kabul. International telephone exchange have been destroyed US jets hammer Kabul Red Cross hit in US bomb attack Air defences subdued  Low-flying US jets have dropped 4 bombs on Kabul overnight and used helicopters in the attack on capital Air raids Heavy raids on Kabul  More than 20 bombs fell on the city. Pentagon admitted it hit a Red Cross depot US bomb kills 10 in Kabul  Bombs hit 3 houses wiping out an entire family B-52s slam Taliban frontline  Bombers are carpet bombing the Taliban north of Kabul against the Northern Alliance Alliance preparing multi-pronged attack  Northern Alliance troops are preparing to launch attacks on Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif in about a week Northern Alliance moves on Kabul  Order has been given to opposition troops to begin an assault on the capital Opposition claims Heart  Northern Alliance captured some Taleban frontline positions north of Kabul Opposition edge Kabul  Northern Alliance is advancing to within 4 miles of the capital Alliance moves in abandoned Kabul
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Afghan opposition backs former king
Taleban ousts BBC U.N., Taliban feed poor once more Diplomats leave Kabul empty handed Red Cross visits Kabul detainees Diplomats to see detainees Kabul aid workers trial looms Kabul rocked by explosions   Clerics ask Bin Laden to leave

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  The resolution is represent a compromise agreed at a meeting in Kabul. The U.S. has dismissed as inadequate
  Mohammed Zahir Shah is holding talks in Rome with Northern Alliance to plan a new government

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  Taliban have withdrawn most of their troops from the capital moving along a road to the south
Nov.16 UK, U.S. forces on air base mission     US kills Bin Laden deputy
  Air strikes near Kabul had killed Mohammed Atef, a key planner behind the 11 September attacks
Nov.17   Rabbani returns to Kabul  Former Afghan President 5 years ago was ejected from the city by the Taleban

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Dec.13 Karzai enters Kabul Dec.21     Swearing-in of interim government
  Ceremony attended by representatives from every province. 30-member government is to be headed by Hamid Karzai
Dec.22     Karzai appealed for billions of dollars  New leader pledges peace and stability, the revival of agriculture, schools and hospitals. Dec.24   Warlord Dostum is given top job  New leader Karzai has appointed the northern warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum as deputy defence minister

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