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Macedonia, January 2001 Macedonia, February 2001 Macedonia, March 2001 Macedonia, April 2001 Macedonia, May 2001 Macedonia, June 2001 Macedonia, July 2001 Macedonia, August 2001 Macedonia, September 2001 Macedonia, October 2001 Macedonia, November 2001 Macedonia, December 2001
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Summary.     Click for More > NATO general backs Macedonia plan NATO approves Macedonia force  North Atlantic Council has approved Operation Essential Harvest for the deployment 3,500-strong force to collect weapons NATO and rebels agree on arms Blasts ahead of NATO arms mission British soldier killed Parliament backs peace plan  91 to 19 vote approved reforms to upgrade the status of the ethnic Albanian minority 2nd phase of arms collection Blast as probe begins
Macedonia launches offensive  Government has launched a 'final operation' to crush ethnic Albanian rebels Troops killed on border Fierce clashes Fragile truce holding Mobs attack embassies Rebels to pull back Rebels begin withdrawal Envoys met leaders Arrest warrants for rebel leaders Solana arrives for peace drive Agreement on Macedonia police Battle in Tetovo Battle for Tetovo rages  National Security Council authorised onslaught against rebels NATO force decision delayed   NATO begins Macedonia mission
  Vanguard of 400 troops arrived to collect arms from rebels

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Refugees flee Macedonia clashes Macedonia bombards hillsides Macedonian forces resume shelling Macedonia launches offensive

March 2001 ... more > Top ^
Mar.1  NATO urges Macedonian restraint
Mar.4  Macedonian soldiers killed
Mar.5  Bulgaria offers troops to Macedonia
Mar.6  NATO considers Macedonia fears
Mar.8  New border clashes
Mar.13  Truce holds despite clashes
Mar.14  Violence at Macedonian border
Mar.17  Helicopter crash
Mar.20  Macedonia prepares for new assault
 Macedonia calls 24-hour ceasefire
 Spy planes to patrol Kosovo border
Mar.23  EU backs Macedonia over rebels
Mar.24  Macedonia renews bombardment
  Government has launched a 'final operation' to crush ethnic Albanian rebels
Mar.25 Macedonia takes rebel positions Mar.26  Hundreds flee Macedonia fighting  Macedonian forces claim victory Mar.28  New attack on rebels Mar.29  Kosovo village hit by shells Mar.30  Offensive almost over Mar.31  Border clashes

April 2001 ... more > Top ^
Apr.2  Talks over Macedonia conflict Apr.8  Macedonia close to join EU Apr.28   Troops killed on border
  8 soldiers have been killed in a shooting incident near border with Kosovo Apr.29  Reinforcements sent to border Apr.30  Macedonia mourns soldiers

May 2001 ... more > Top ^
May.2  Macedonia riots alarm EU May.3  2 soldiers killed May.4  Attack on rebels May.5  Macedonia may declare war on rebels May.6  Shelling resumes May.7  Unity deal is near May.8  Rebels under fire Unity deal hits snag
May.10  Fears grow for refugees Albanian PM urges Macedonia deal May.12 30 rebels killed May.13  Vote confirms coalition May.15  Macedonia gives rebels deadline May.19 Macedonian forces shell villages  Villagers trapped  Rebels reply to Macedonia claims May.21 Clashes reignite conflict May.24  Macedonia attacks rebel bases May.25 Thousands flee offensive May.30  Amnesty offer to rebels

June 2001 ... more > Top ^
Jun.2  Troops battle for village Jun.3  Macedonia to decentralise power Jun.4  Ceasefire aids evacuation Jun.5   Fierce clashes
  Rebels are attacking army positions near Gajre. Tank and machine gun fire could be heard Jun.6  Riots follow deaths Jun.9  Solana urges peace Jun.10 Macedonians flee as rebels advance
 Rebels give Macedonia ultimatum Jun.11  Army resumes shelling  Army calls ceasefire Jun.15  Rebels extend cease-fire Jun.18  Tension simmers Jun.20  Peace talks collapse Jun.21 Peace talks resumed Jun.22 Rebels under attack Jun.25 President flees rioters Jun.29 NATO approves Macedonia force

July 2001 ... more > Top ^
Jul.1  Heavy shelling Jul.3  Clashes as leaders meet Jul.5  Cease-fire announced Jul.6     Fragile truce holding  Chief of general staff and Ali Ahmeti, the rebel political leader signed a cease-fire documents with NATO Jul.7  Envoys' peace plan Jul.9  Peace talks resume Jul.15  Peace deal is close Jul.18  Peace talks in turmoil Jul.19  2 blasts in capital Jul.20  EU officials killed Jul.22  Ceasefire broken Jul.24   Mobs attack embassies  Rioters rampaged through the streets, smashed windows and torching vehicles. They claimed NATO collaborating with rebels Jul.25  Ultimatum for rebels   Rebels to pull back  Ethnic Albanians have agreed to move back to former positions behind a cease-fire line Jul.26   Rebels begin withdrawal  Ali Ahmeti, NLA leader, will order a retreat from territory captured during recent fighting   Envoys met leaders  NATO Secretary-General G. Robertson and the EU's foreign affairs chief J. Solana believe peace talks are back on track Jul.27  Peace talks resume Jul.30  Divisions over Albanian language   Arrest warrants for rebel leaders  Courts have been asked to issue warrants for 11 ethnic Albanians as marathon peace talks go on

August 2001 ... more > Top ^
Aug.4  Talks focus on police Aug.5   Solana arrives for peace drive  EU foreign policy chief was accompanied by Ukrainian Foreign Minister   Agreement on Macedonia police
  1,000 Albanian policemen will be hired by July 2003 and deployed according to the population Aug.7  5 rebels killed in raid Aug.8   Battle in Tetovo  9 soldiers were killed in an ambush by ethnic Albanian rebels. Tanks and artillery were pounding rebel positions Aug.9   Battle for Tetovo rages
  National Security Council authorised onslaught against rebels
Aug.10  Soldiers killed in blast Aug.14  Rebels sign arms pact Aug.15  Caution over cease-fire Aug.17   NATO force decision delayed  As 40 British troops headed to Macedonia, NATO delayed a decision on deploying thousands more Aug.18     NATO begins Macedonia mission
  Vanguard of 400 troops arrived to collect arms from rebels
Aug.19  Battle threatens truce Aug.21   NATO general backs Macedonia plan  Conditions are right for the creation of a 3,500 member force to collect weapons Aug.22   NATO approves Macedonia force
  North Atlantic Council has approved Operation Essential Harvest for the deployment 3,500-strong force to collect weapons
Aug.24     NATO and rebels agree on arms  3,000 weapons will be put to the Macedonia government. Interior Ministry estimated rebels had 85,000 weapons Aug.25   Blasts ahead of NATO arms mission  The explosions destroyed a vehicle checkpoint near Tetovo. Gunfire was from the nearby villages Aug.26  Blast as NATO sets weapons target Aug.27     British soldier killed
  Ian Collins killed by youths who throw the lump of concrete. Rebels begin arms surrender Aug.29 NATO chief pressures Macedonians Aug.30 NATO collects 1/3 of weapons Aug.31 Crowds delay Macedonia debate

September 2001 ... more > Top ^
Sep.1 Peace debate postponed
Sep.2 Peace talks to resume Sep.5 Rights group accuses Macedonia Sep.6   Parliament backs peace plan
  91 to 19 vote approved reforms to upgrade the status of the ethnic Albanian minority
Sep.7   2nd phase of arms collection
  In the first phase of Operation Essential Harvest, troops collected 1,200 weapons 10th anniversary of independence Sep.25 Nato hails Macedonia operation Sep.26 Nato approves new Macedonia force

October 2001 ... more > Top ^
Oct.4 Return to rebel areas halted

November 2001 ... more > Top ^
Nov.11 Gunmen take hostages
Nov.15 Peace accord sealed Nov.20   Blast as probe begins  A blast has shaken Tetovo hours after U.N. tribunal announced investigations of government soldiers and Albanian rebels