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Afghans flee bombed Kandahar  3,500 Afghans poured into the border town of Chaman with no food and no belongings U.S. jets struck Kandahar  U.S., Britain dispute campaign critics. Warplanes struck Taliban positions facing the Northern Alliance Allies pound Kandahar
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  Kandahar, Jalalabad, Herat attacked  US forces destroyed or damaged 85% of first set of targets. First civilian deaths were confirmed 100 US Rangers clash with Taleban
  US begins military strike

October 2001 ... more > Top ^
  Loud explosions and anti-aircraft fire in Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad
 Cruise missiles, bombers and submarines had been used in the attack on broad range of targets. Osama Bin Laden was seen on video making a defiant statement
  Elite US ground forces fighting in southern Afghanistan. Helicopter gunships also involved
  Aircraft also pounded Taleban north of Kabul. A 'modest number' of allied ground troops are inside Afghanistan
Oct.31   Attacks rattle Kandahar  A large explosions were heard and flashes could be seen as C-130 transport aircraft flying low

November 2001 ... more > Top ^
Nov.1 US bombed power plant Nov.8   Heavy bombing on Kandahar  Continuous sound of explosions as warplanes made pass after pass. A gunfight was in progress in Mazar-e Sharif Nov.14   Jalalabad seized
  Taliban still control some Kandahar neighborhoods
Nov.16   Taliban evacuate Kandahar  Mullah Omar, has agreed to leave Kandahar within 24 hours after a week of battlefield setbacks Nov.17   Taliban still in control of Kandahar  Mullah Omar had shuffled the top administrative posts and is holding talks with the Norzai tribe to divide rule Taleban vow to defend Kandahar Nov.21   Taliban vow to fight on in Kandahar  Taliban spokesman declared they will keep defend Islam and have no communication with bin Laden or al Qaeda Nov.23   Alliance ready to push south  Northern Alliance's troops battle for Marjeh and Nadali, two towns just north of Kandahar Nov.25   Marines on ground near Kandahar  U.S. Marines touched down in helicopters south of Kandahar. The number should swell to between 1,200 and 1,500 Nov.27     U.S. strikes leadership compound
  Attack from the air strikes 2 Taliban facilities southeast of Kandahar Nov.29   U.S. keeps pressure on Kandahar  Warplanes pounded the city. Pashtun opposition leader denied that anti-Taliban forces were moving into Kandahar Nov.30   Airstrikes slam Kandahar  Threat of a ground offensive is looming. Taliban had arrested 3 or 4 people suspected of targeting sites Marines dig in near Kandahar

December 2001 ... more > Top ^
Dec.2   Marines prepares for Kandahar  Marines and opposition were preparing for a final assault on the remaining Taliban stronghold with support of helicopters Dec.5   3 US soldiers killed by B-52 bomb
  Also 5 anti-Taleban fighters killed and 19 U.S. soldiers wounded when the smart bomb was dropped north of Kandahar Dec.6   Kandahar fell
  The Taliban lost last major stronghold. Opposition forces entered the city. There are reports of looting
Dec.7   Confusion over Omar fate  Some reports say Mullah was being held in Kandahar, other that he has been seen with family on the Pakistan border Dec.8   Assault continues on Tora Bora  Tribal leaders report Omar no longer in Kandahar. There were tensions over the political control of the city   Factions discuss Kandahar leadership  Rival factions met in secret north of Kandahar to try to end a conflict over who would control the city

Main Event: US begins military strike
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10-07 US begins military strike Southern Afghanistan
C. 10-09 Kandahar, Jalalabad, Herat attacked Kandahar
D. 10-19 100 US Rangers clash with Taleban Southern Afghanistan
E. 10-19 Afghans flee bombed Kandahar Kandahar
F. 10-29 U.S. jets struck Kandahar Kandahar
G. 10-30 Allies pound Kandahar Kandahar
H. 10-31 Attacks rattle Kandahar Kandahar
I. 11-01 US bombed power plant Southern Afghanistan
J. 11-08 Heavy bombing on Kandahar Kandahar

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