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Milosevic: U.N. handover 'kidnap' War crimes court charges Milosevic  Former Yugoslav President charged with crimes against humanity. He did not recognise the authority of the court Milosevic proud of all he did Milosevic team eye court challenge General to surrender General denies war crimes Serb general guilty of genocide Bosnian Muslim officers charged  3 high-ranking officers detained in Bosnia have been indicted for war crimes and breaches of the Geneva conventionr Bosnian Serb flown to U.N. court
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Plavsic denies genocide Milosevic attacks Hague tribunal Bosnian Serbs jailed for war rape  3 Bosnian Serbs have been convicted of crimes against humanity at the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague Bosnian camp commanders on trial   Tribunal serves Milosevic warrant  The U.N. war crimes tribunal has submitted the warrant and the original indictment to Yugoslav authorities Massacre suspect due before U.N. UN tribunal investigator arrested Milosevic extradition talks fail   Milosevic extradition decree  Cabinet approved a decree that paves the way for the extradition of former President to the War Crimes Tribunal   Milosevic supporters take to streets  10,000 demonstrators marched through Belgrade to protest moves to handover Milosevic to the war crimes tribunal   Milosevic extradited to Hague
Plavsic indicted

January 2001 ... more > Top ^
  The former Bosnian Serb president indicted on war crimes charges by the UN War Crimes Tribunal

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June 2001 ... more > Top ^
  Former President was taken from a prison in Belgrade, sent to the Bosnia, then arrived at The Hague. Kostunica protested

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August 2001 ... more > Top ^
  Dragan Jokic, army officer wanted over the Srebrenica massacre, gave himself up
Aug.16 Serb denies genocide charge Aug.18   Wife visits Milosevic for 60  Mirjana Markovic and grandson visited the former Yugoslav president in detention to celebrate his 60th birthday Aug.21   Bosnia Serb denies Srebrenica role  Lieutenant-Colonel Dragan Jokic has pleaded not guilty Aug.23   Lawyers demand Milosevic's freedom  Lawyers are contesting the legality of the U.N. tribunal and said the detention was part of an 'anti-Serb witch hunt' Aug.24   Milosevic reprimanded for TV call  Milosevic managed to phone the Fox News network while in detention in The International War Crimes Tribunal Aug.29   Plavsic gets bail  Former Bosnian Serb leader has been given permission to return to Serbia pending her trial for war crimes Aug.30   Milosevic facing genocide charges  Charges of genocide in Bosnia and Croatia, combined with crimes against humanity in Kosovo, are to be filed Aug.31   Milosevic loses court challenge  Milosevic had tried to get the charges dropped on the grounds that tribunal is illegal

September 2001 ... more > Top ^
Sep.6   Serb genocide suspect freed  Biljana Plavsic, 71, has been released from United Nations war crimes tribunal pending her trial Sep.24   Bosnian general flies to The Hague  General Sefer Halilovic, 49, a former commander of mainly Muslim army, is to surrender to the War Crimes Tribunal

October 2001 ... more > Top ^
Oct.29   Milosevic scorns war crimes court
  The former Yugoslav president is refusing to cooperate with the U.N. tribunal, saying it is an illegitimate institution

November 2001 ... more > Top ^
Nov.2   Bosnia concentr. camp guards jailed  5 Bosnian Serbs have been sentenced to between 5 and 25 years' imprisonment for running the Omarska detention camp Nov.12   New charges for Milosevic  The charges could include genocide for the mass murder of Muslims in the Bosnian war

December 2001 ... more > Top ^
Dec.11   Milosevic refuses genocide plea
  Former Yugoslav President sat impassively as the genocide charges were read out
Dec.26   Enough evidence to convict Milosevic  Prosecutor Carla del Ponte is convinced there is now enough evidence for Milosevic to be convicted of genocide

War & Army Main Event: Plavsic indicted
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01-10 Plavsic indicted Bosnia
C. 01-11 Plavsic denies genocide UN Tribunal
D. 02-03 Milosevic attacks Hague tribunal Serbia
4. 02-22 Bosnian Serbs jailed for war rape UN Tribunal
5. 03-19 Bosnian camp commanders on trial UN Tribunal
6. 04-05 Tribunal serves Milosevic warrant Serbia
7. 04-16 Massacre suspect due before U.N. UN Tribunal
8. 05-20 UN tribunal investigator arrested Rwanda
9. 06-04 Milosevic extradition talks fail Serbia

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