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Politics Main Event: 3 explosions killed 8, ...
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B. 12-01 World Cup draw South Korea
2. 12-01 Mugabe plan to restrict media Zimbabwe
D. 12-01 Israeli Forces in Palestinian areas Jenin, West Bank
4. 12-01 Ruling party declares victory Taiwan
F. 12-01 U.S. airstrikes kill villagers Nangarhar, Afghanistan
6. 12-01 N. Alliance pledges candidate list Ruhr
12-01 3 explosions killed 8, wounds 170 Jerusalem
8. 12-01 Celebrations greet new princess Japan


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Morning News

Dec.1   South Korea     World Cup draw  Champion France will face Senegal in the opening game. Argentina and England were drawn in toughest group

  Zimbabwe Mugabe plan to restrict media  Independent journalists vowed to fight the plan. Hundreds of ruling party militants marched to support legislation

  West Bank Israeli Forces in Palestinian areas  Israeli forces have occupied Palestinian-controlled territory around Jenin and Nablus

Day News

  Taiwan   Ruling party declares victory
  President Chen Shui-bian's Democratic Progressive Party declared victory in legislative elections

  Afghanistan   U.S. airstrikes kill villagers Map of Nangarhar Afghanistan  Nangarhar regional security chief said 50 civilians were killed

  Ruhr N. Alliance pledges candidate list  Delegation proposed 20-30 members to run the government for 3 months before a loya jirga

Evening News

  Jerusalem     3 explosions killed 8, wounds 170
  2 suicide bombers detonated explosives which tore through the entrance to a crowded pedestrian mall

  Peru Plot against U.S. Embassy  Police arrested 2 suspected members of a leftist guerrilla group

  Japan Celebrations greet new princess  Festivities have begun to celebrate the birth of a first child born to crown prince

  Afghanistan Pentagon denies its bombs hit village  The U.S. military said the planes were attacking a cave and tunnel complex

  Moscow Kursk inquiry punished admirals  The head of Russia's Northern Fleet, Admiral Popov, has been demoted and other dismissed for serious failures

  Russian Far East Plane crash kills 17  An Ilyushin-76 belonging to Border Guard Service has crashed in the Russia's Far East region

San Francisco Bay Area , December 1, 2001 Timeline