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Rebellion Main Event: Afghans gaining on al ...
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12-10 Afghans gaining on al Qaeda Afghanistan
C. 12-10 Astronauts commemorate 9/11 victims USA
D. 12-10 Assembly met Kosovo
4. 12-10 Israel strikes car; 2 killed Hebron, West Bank
F. 12-10 Ebola alert issued Uganda
6. 12-10 Key tunnel taken at caves Afghanistan
H. 12-10 Strike closes cities Caracas, Venezuela
I. 12-10 Russia, U.S. close on weapons cuts Moscow
9. 12-10 U.S. Military meets warlords Somalia


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Morning News

Dec.10   Afghanistan   Afghans gaining on al Qaeda  Anti-Taliban fighters had captured 2 enemy command centers and 4 tunnel complexes

  USA Astronauts commemorate 9/11 victims  The crews of the International Space Station and Endeavour commemorated the victims of September 11

  Kosovo Assembly met  The 120-seat assembly designed to give the autonomy under a UN umbrella

  West Bank Israel strikes car; 2 killed  Helicopters fired 2 missiles at a car in Hebron. Palestinians said 2 children were killed and 7 other were wounded

  Uganda Ebola alert issued  28 people died from haemorrhaging near the border with Congo

Day News

  Afghanistan   Key tunnel taken at caves  Anti-Taleban fighters have seized a key supply tunnel and strategic heights in the Tora Bora

  Venezuela   Strike closes cities Map of Caracas Venezuela  12-hour strike called jointly by trade unions and business organisations. Residents of Caracas banged pots and pans

Evening News

  Moscow Russia, U.S. close on weapons cuts  President Putin and Colin Powell came nearer to an agreement on reducing the arsenal of offensive arms

  Somalia U.S. Military meets warlords  U.S. officers talks with opposition warlords to identify potential terrorist targets

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