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12-11 Milosevic refuses genocide plea UN Tribunal
C. 12-11 First 11 September charges Washington
3. 12-11 Gains against al Qaeda in mountains Afghanistan
E. 12-11 Fed cuts rates a 0.25% New York
F. 12-11 Kumble rattles England India
6. 12-11 Helicopter attacks kill 4 Gaza
H. 12-11 Parties tied in elections Trinidad & Tobago
8. 12-11 UK willing to lead peacekeepers England
9. 12-11 al Qaeda surrender deadline passes Afghanistan


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Morning News

Dec.11   UN Tribunal     Milosevic refuses genocide plea
  Former Yugoslav President sat impassively as the genocide charges were read out

  Washington   First 11 September charges
  Zacarias Moussaoui, 33, charged with conspiring with Bin Laden to kill thousands. He has been held in custody since August

  Afghanistan   Gains against al Qaeda in mountains  Eastern Alliance had taken over a main base on Tora Bora and had given al Qaeda fighters a short time to surrender

  New York Fed cuts rates a 0.25%  Record-setting 11th cut in a year brings short-term rates to lowest level in 40 years

  India Kumble rattles England  Kumble's 5-wicket haul plotted an England collapse after Trescothick's attacking 99 launched the tourists' challenge

Day News

  Gaza     Helicopter attacks kill 4  3 rockets killed 2 and 7 were injured. After that gunships fired on a Palestinian police patrol vehicle, killing 2 and injuring 4

  Trinidad & Tobago Parties tied in elections  Basdeo Panday, first prime minister of East Indian descent, and the black-dominated opposition had each won 18 seats

  England UK willing to lead peacekeepers  U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell visits Prime Minister Tony Blair

Evening News

  Afghanistan   al Qaeda surrender deadline passes  There is no immediate word of any members of al Qaeda giving up to anti-Taliban forces

  Afghanistan Australian al Qaeda fighter captured  The 26-year-old caucasian man was trained with bin Laden's fighters

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