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12-12 Freedom in exchange for bin Laden Afghanistan
2. 12-12 Gunmen kill 8 on Israeli bus West Bank
D. 12-12 Test century boosts England India
E. 12-12 US to withdraw from ABM treaty U.S. Congress
5. 12-12 Muslim groups targeted Germany
G. 12-12 US bomber crashes in Indian Ocean USA
H. 12-12 Israel retaliates for bus ambush Gaza
8. 12-12 Army officer jailed for treason France
J. 12-12 Dissent threatens Congo talks Kenya


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Morning News

Dec.12   Afghanistan     Freedom in exchange for bin Laden  Eastern Alliance offered a new deal: Surrender Osama and his inner circle and go free. Airstrikes resumed against al Qaeda

  West Bank   Gunmen kill 8 on Israeli bus  Bus was travelling to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish settlement. 30 more people were injured. al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claimed attack

  India Test century boosts England  White thrived on 3 missed chances

  U.S. Congress US to withdraw from ABM treaty  Bush has told Congress leaders that the US will withdraw from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty with Russia

  Germany Muslim groups targeted  20 Islamic groups banned. Police carried out raids on 200 premises

  USA US bomber crashes in Indian Ocean  B-1 bomber has crashed 30 miles north of the Diego Garcia. All 4 rescued

Day News

  Gaza     Israel retaliates for bus ambush  6 bombs were dropped by jets near the compound of Arafat. Force 17 and naval installation also were targeted

  France   Army officer jailed for treason  Former major Pierre Bunel convicted for leaking NATO bombing plans to Belgrade

  Kenya Dissent threatens Congo talks  There is a disagreement over how many people should participate in talks to determine Congo's political future

  Canada Smart border declaration  U.S. and Canada pledged to use new technology to secure border while promoting trade

  Myanmar Myanmar frees prisoners for Jiang  Military government has freed 200 Chinese prisoners to mark the arrival of China's President

  Sulawesi Indonesia has al Qaeda camps  Intelligence chief has said al Qaeda have training camps on Sulawesi island

Evening News

  Jerusalem     Israel cuts off contact with Arafat
  Israeli Cabinet holds him directly responsible for an ambush of a bus

  Washington Release of bin Laden tape delayed  Audio and translation difficulties have delayed the release. 4 nongovernmental translators worked on tape

  Northern Ireland Omagh report slams police  Report has accused police chiefs of bungling the investigation into he 1998 Omagh bombing that killed 29

  Tokyo Japan 'stifled' mad cow report  Tokyo blocked the publication of a EU study that warned Japan was at high risk for the disease

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