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B. 12-13 US withdraws from ABM treaty Washington
2. 12-13 US releases Bin Laden video Washington
D. 12-13 Helicopters fire on Ramallah West Bank
E. 12-13 Karzai enters Kabul Kabul
F. 12-13 Giles thwarts Tendulkar India
6. 12-13 Anthrax found in American embassy Austria
7. 12-13 Attack prompts security crackdown India
I. 12-13 French ban on UK beef unlawful France
12-13 Gunbattle at parliament. 12 killed New Delhi


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Morning News

Dec.13   Washington   US withdraws from ABM treaty
  Bush has officially announced withdrawal from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty with Russia

  Washington     US releases Bin Laden video
  Video implicates Osama in the 11 September. He knew some of the hijackers did not know that their mission was suicidal

  West Bank Helicopters fire on Ramallah  Apache helicopters fired 4 missiles at a Palestinian police station

  Kabul Karzai enters Kabul  The leader of new interim government says his first priority is to establish peace and security

  India Giles thwarts Tendulkar  Ashley Giles claimed 5 wickets to secure England a 116-run first-innings lead against India on the 3rd day of the 2nd test

Day News

  Austria Anthrax found in American embassy  A miniscule amount of the deadly spores have been discovered in a diplomatic mail pouch

  India Attack prompts security crackdown  Nationwide operation is following a suicide attack at the parliament. No group has claimed responsibility

  France French ban on UK beef unlawful  France has been found guilty of breaching EU law

Evening News

  New Delhi   Gunbattle at parliament. 12 killed
  5 armed intruders stormed the building. 2 gunmen have been killed. Parliament had been adjourned

  UN Security Council   No U.N. vote on Mideast  Security Council adjourned a closed-door session without taking action on a resolution calling for international observers

  Afghanistan     Bin Laden surrounded in caves  Opposition fighters and U.S. troops have surrounded Osama near Tora Bora. Warplanes pounded the mountains

  Hong Kong Tung Chee-hwa to stand again  Chief Executive will seek a second 5-year term with China's strong support

  Moscow Putin: U.S. ABM move 'a mistake'  Russian President says the U.S. decision to withdraw from the Treaty does not threaten Russia's national security

  Zimbabwe Mugabe lashes out at opponents  President accused the main opposition party of terrorising his supporters in a bid to win presidential elections

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