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War & Army Main Event: Bus crash kills 52
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12-14 Bus crash kills 52 Jordan
2. 12-14 Kashmiri militants blamed for attack New Delhi
D. 12-14 Euro coins go on sale European Union
E. 12-14 EU slams U.S. steel tariffs European Union
F. 12-14 Pregnant win HIV rights South Africa
G. 12-14 England sets India daunting total India
7. 12-14 Bombs pound bin Laden hideout Afghanistan
8. 12-14 New raids. 35 arrested, 8 dead Gaza
J. 12-14 Bush dismisses Bin Laden tape doubts Washington


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Morning News

Dec.14   Jordan   Bus crash kills 52
  A bus was carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca. It careered off the road and exploded into flames

  New Delhi   Kashmiri militants blamed for attack  India says Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based separatist group, is responsible for attack on parliament, citing technical evidence

  European Union   Euro coins go on sale  Euro is becoming legal tender on January 1 2002. Starter kits will be sold by banks

  European Union EU slams U.S. steel tariffs  The European Union has threatened to impose trade restrictions

  South Africa Pregnant win HIV rights  Supreme court has ruled the government must extend medical treatment to all pregnant with the HIV virus

  India England sets India daunting total  Butcher's defiant 92 set India a massive target of 374 runs on the 4th day of the second test

  Afghanistan Bombs pound bin Laden hideout  AC-130 gunships and heavy bombers struck the area around Tora Bora. Afghan troops traded machine-gun fire with al Qaeda

Day News

  Gaza   New raids. 35 arrested, 8 dead
  Warplanes struck security facilities used for terrorist activities

  Washington Bush dismisses Bin Laden tape doubts  US President said 'It is preposterous for anybody to think that this tape is doctored'

  Argentina Argentina meets debt deadline  Argentina narrowly avoiding a default by paying a $700m instalment on national debt

  European Union EU pledges troops for Afghanistan  European leaders disagreed about the extent of the involvement into a multinational peacekeeping force

Evening News

  Afghanistan   US troops storm al-Qaeda caves  Special forces have been fighting a pitched battle alongside Afghan allies in the Tora Bora. There is no sign of surrender

  UN Security Council   U.S. vetoes Mideast peace move  The United States has vetoed a Security Council resolution that called for an immediate end to violence

  India Suspects held over parliament raid  10 people, including Pakistanis, are being held

  Indiana O'Leary out for lying on resume  George O'Leary resigned as Notre Dame football coach 5 days after being hired. He lied about academic and athletic background

  Italy Pisa's leaning tower reopens  The 56-metre-high Leaning Tower reopens to the public after being closed for 11 years

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