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War & Army Main Event: Bin Laden heard in To...
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12-15 Bin Laden heard in Tora Bora Afghanistan
C. 12-15 4 die in anti-Israel protests Gaza
3. 12-15 Rapid Reaction Force is operational European Union
4. 12-15 Forces close in on al Qaeda Afghanistan
F. 12-15 Cautious India salvages draw India
G. 12-15 Police arrested in drug raids Mexico
H. 12-15 WHO fears Ebola spread Gabon
8. 12-15 Chemical war camp found Afghanistan
J. 12-15 18 Pensioners die in inferno Italy


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Morning News

Dec.15   Afghanistan     Bin Laden heard in Tora Bora
  U.S. forces have heard Osama giving orders over a short-range radio

  Gaza   4 die in anti-Israel protests  US recalls envoy. Thousands of Palestinians challenged an Israeli incursion into Beit Hanoun

  European Union Rapid Reaction Force is operational  Greek objections to a crucial deal between the EU and NATO had been solved

  Afghanistan Forces close in on al Qaeda  U.S. jets were hammering near Tora Bora. 300 and 1,000 of al Qaeda fighters do not seem to be losing their will

  India Cautious India salvages draw  Batsmen adopted a safety-first approach to bat out the final day and draw the 2nd test match against England

  Mexico Police arrested in drug raids  16 anti-narcotics agents, policemen and ex-soldiers arrested on charges of helping protect a leading drug baron

  Gabon WHO fears Ebola spread  An outbreak could spread to neighbouring countries. 11 suspected Ebola deaths have been confirmed

Evening News

  Afghanistan   Chemical war camp found  Material from a chemical, biological and nuclear weapons center is being examined

  Italy   18 Pensioners die in inferno  Fire has ripped through a pensioners' home killing 18 people, many in their sleep

  Pakistan Pakistan-India spar over attack  Tension is mounting as leaders exchange words over a suicide attack on parliament in New Delhi

  New England Ruiz retains WBA title  Holyfield was denied a 5th heavyweight championship when his 3rd fight against Ruiz was called a draw

  Paraguay Prison riot kills at least 22  Rioters lit a fire at a jail. 200 of the 527 prisoners were burned

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