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12-16 Last al-Qaeda stronghold falls Afghanistan
2. 12-16 Arafat calls for halt to all violence West Bank
D. 12-16 Food row blocked key EU decisions European Union
E. 12-16 US food arrives in Cuba Cuba
F. 12-16 Nun strangled in convent Ireland
6. 12-16 Allies in hot pursuit of al-Qaeda Afghanistan
H. 12-16 Israel demands actions not words Israel
I. 12-16 Child sex trade conference Japan
J. 12-16 Aussies gain upper hand Australia


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Morning News

Dec.16   Afghanistan     Last al-Qaeda stronghold falls
  Tribal fighters have taken the al-Qaeda positions in the caves of Tora Bora. Whereabouts of Bin Laden unknown

  West Bank     Arafat calls for halt to all violence
  In an address to his people Palestinian President called for a halt to all armed activities, including suicide bombings

  European Union Food row blocked key EU decisions  EU leaders launched a major review on the future shape and governance of Europe.

Day News

  Cuba US food arrives in Cuba  A freighter is carrying the first commercial shipment of food from the US

  Ireland Nun strangled in convent  Sister Philomena Lyons, 68, had been sexually assaulted and strangled

Evening News

  Afghanistan   Allies in hot pursuit of al-Qaeda  US forces, UK troops and their Afghan allies are pursuing hundreds of militants fleeing into the mountains

  Israel Israel demands actions not words  Israel and the US have called on Arafat to follow up his words with actions

  Japan Child sex trade conference  3,000 delegates from 137 countries are attending the 4-day conference on the multi-billion-dollar global child sex

  Australia Aussies gain upper hand  Australia are picking up 2 vital wickets in the closing overs

  Portugal PM to resign after defeat  Antonio Guterres's ruling Socialist Party suffered a crushing defeat in the municipal elections

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