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Rebellion Main Event: Figo best in world by ...
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12-17 Figo best in world by FIFA Madrid
2. 12-17 Prisoners: bin Laden in Afghanistan Afghanistan
D. 12-17 Gunman stage coup attempt Haiti
4. 12-17 Shootings follow peace plea Gaza
5. 12-17 Humiliation for al-Qaeda fighters Afghanistan
G. 12-17 Shuttle lands safely Kennedy Space Center, Florida
H. 12-17 Owen wins Euro award Liverpool, Northern England
8. 12-17 Taliban may have arranged escapes Afghanistan
J. 12-17 India demands action from Pakistan India


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Morning News

Dec.17   Madrid   Figo best in world by FIFA
Map of Madrid
  Real Madrid's Portuguese midfielder has been named 2001 World Player of the Year. He fended off Beckham and Raul

  Afghanistan     Prisoners: bin Laden in Afghanistan  A group of 5 non-Afghan fighters believe terrorist mastermind is still in the Tora Bora

  Haiti Gunman stage coup attempt  Commandos stormed National Palace. The attackers were pushed back in an intense exchange of gunfire

  Gaza Shootings follow peace plea  Israeli soldiers have killed 3 Palestinians, including a child

Day News

  Afghanistan   Humiliation for al-Qaeda fighters  Anti-Taleban fighters have publicly paraded captured al-Qaeda members. There are still resistance from some pockets

  Florida Shuttle lands safely  Endeavour has landed safely at Kennedy Space Center, bringing the crew from the International Space Station

  Northern England Owen wins Euro award  The The 22-year-old Liverpool striker becomes the first English winner of the award since 1979

Evening News

  Afghanistan   Taliban may have arranged escapes  Oopposition forces may have agreed to let Taliban leaders go free in exchange for surrendering territory

  India India demands action from Pakistan  Home Minister has blamed Kashmiri militant groups for supporting those behind last week's suicide attack on parliament

  Indonesia Tommy Suharto visits ill father  Police have allowed the favourite son of former President Suharto, who is 80, to visit him in hospital

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