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Disasters Main Event: Yemen attacks al-Qaeda...
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12-18 Yemen attacks al-Qaeda hideout Yemen
2. 12-18 Fire hits cathedral New York
D. 12-18 Motorola to cut 9,400 jobs USA
E. 12-18 Abu-Jamal's sentence overturned Philadelphia
F. 12-18 Karzai ready for foreign troops Afghanistan
G. 12-18 India 'not looking for war' New Delhi
H. 12-18 Corsica granted greater autonomy France
8. 12-18 Colombia mourns tragic cancer boy Colombia


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Morning News

Dec.18   Yemen   Yemen attacks al-Qaeda hideout  12 people were killed when police and soldiers clashed with tribesmen

  New York Fire hits cathedral  Part of one of St John the Divine, one of the largest cathedrals in the world, has been destroyed

Day News

  USA Motorola to cut 9,400 jobs  Telecoms equipment maker will close down more chip making factories

  Philadelphia Abu-Jamal's sentence overturned  A federal judge ruled that Abu-Jamal was entitled to a new sentencing hearing for the killing of a police officer in 1981

Evening News

  Afghanistan     Karzai ready for foreign troops  New interim leader has welcomed proposals for an international security force

  New Delhi   India 'not looking for war'  Prime Minister Vajpayee is keeping all his options open

  France Corsica granted greater autonomy  The French parliament has approved limited autonomy to the island

  Colombia Colombia mourns tragic cancer boy  Andres Felipe Perez, 12, has died after appealing in vain to see kidnapped father's face for one last time

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