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Crime Main Event: 13 Killed in Al Qaeda Pris...
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12-19 13 Killed in Al Qaeda Prisoner Revolt West Pakistan
C. 12-19 Protesters burn town hall Argentina
D. 12-19 Security services to talk Israel
4. 12-19 Court throws out case against Nato NATO
F. 12-19 State of siege declared Argentina
G. 12-19 Troops deployed on border India
7. 12-19 Hamas may end suicide attacks West Bank
I. 12-19 Argentina plunges into turmoil Argentina
9. 12-19 al-Qaeda militants rounded up Pakistan


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Morning News

Dec.19   West Pakistan   13 Killed in Al Qaeda Prisoner Revolt
  Fighters loyal to bin Laden rose up against their Pakistani guards, seized weapons and escaped

  Argentina Protesters burn town hall  Workers are protesting at government plans to reduce wages and apply austerity measures

  Israel Security services to talk  Sharon has asked the head of the Israeli security services to open direct talks with Palestinian security officials

  NATO Court throws out case against Nato  The European Court of Human Rights has thrown out a case over the bombing of Belgrade's main TV station

Day News

  Argentina   State of siege declared  Violence erupted over the worsening economic crisis. Police clashed with rioters

  India Troops deployed on border  Army has killed 5 militants trying to cross into Kashmir

  West Bank Hamas may end suicide attacks  Sheikh Youssef said Hamas is studying the suspending martyrdom attacks

Evening News

  Argentina   Argentina plunges into turmoil
  Economy Minister, Domingo Cavallo, has resigned. Police fired tear gas to disperse tens of thousands of angry protesters

  Pakistan al-Qaeda militants rounded up  Security forces have captured hundreds fighters who fled across the border from Afghanistan

  New York Ground Zero fires finally out  The fires have been burning in the ruins since September 11

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