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Crime Main Event: Bus bomb kills 16 in Haifa
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12-02 Bus bomb kills 16 in Haifa Haifa, Northern Israel
C. 12-02 Mugabe predicts election victory Zimbabwe
D. 12-02 Maids protest pay plan Hong Kong
4. 12-02 Rightist admits 1990 assassination Colombia
F. 12-02 Gov't could be ready by year's end Afghanistan
6. 12-02 New child rapes South Africa
H. 12-02 Enron in bankruptcy filing Texas
I. 12-02 Name of interim Afghan PM proposed Ruhr
J. 12-02 Marines prepares for Kandahar Kandahar


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Morning News

Dec.2   Northern Israel     Bus bomb kills 16 in Haifa Map of Haifa Israel
  The suicide bomber detonated a powerful bomb that ripped through a bus. Palestinian Authority declared martial law

  Zimbabwe Mugabe predicts election victory  President said he would convincingly win a poll that to be the toughest of his career

Day News

  Hong Kong Maids protest pay plan  700 foreign maids protest a proposal to cut their minimum wage for a second time

  Colombia Rightist admits 1990 assassination  Carlos Castano confessed in a book that he was responsible for the killing of a presidential candidate

  Afghanistan Gov't could be ready by year's end  4 Afghan factions are studying a U.N. proposal for a 29-member ruling group

  South Africa New child rapes  16 more child rapes threaten to plunge the country into civil crisis

Evening News

  Texas     Enron in bankruptcy filing
  Energy-trading company filed for Chapter 11 protection

  Ruhr   Name of interim Afghan PM proposed Map of Ruhr  Northern Alliance and representatives of former king have agreed on Abdul Sattar Sirat as acting prime minister

  Kandahar Marines prepares for Kandahar  Marines and opposition were preparing for a final assault on the remaining Taliban stronghold with support of helicopters

  Switzerland Voters choosed to keep army  Voters have rejected a proposal to scrap the army by 4 to 1 in a referendum

  Japan Japanese ponder empress rules  A top official has voiced support to allow females to inherit the throne

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