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War & Army Main Event: President resigns
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B. 12-20 Pope approves creation of new saints Vatican
2. 12-20 Tanks pull back Ramallah, West Bank
D. 12-20 Shopping centre collapses South Africa
12-20 President resigns Argentina
5. 12-20 Green light for Afghan force UN Security Council
6. 12-20 British troops spearhead Afghan force Afghanistan
H. 12-20 Fix your Windows, says Microsoft Microsoft
I. 12-20 Palestinian killed in jail clash Gaza
J. 12-20 England make double strike Bangalore, India


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Morning News

Dec.20   Vatican Pope approves creation of new saints  John Paul II has cleared the way for the creation saint, one from 16th Century Mexico, the other 2 from 20th century Europe

  West Bank Tanks pull back  Tanks and soldiers have pulled out of Palestinian areas near Ramallah

  South Africa Shopping centre collapses  The roof has collapsed. 25 Christmas shoppers have been taken to hospital

Day News

  Argentina   President resigns
  Fernando de la Rua has resigned amid unrest

  UN Security Council   Green light for Afghan force  Security Council has given the go-ahead for a multinational force to help stabilise Kabul

Evening News

  Afghanistan   British troops spearhead Afghan force  50 Royal Marines is the vanguard of a multinational security force

  Microsoft Fix your Windows, says Microsoft  Microsoft has admitted that the Windows XP has yawning security holes

  Gaza Palestinian killed in jail clash  A civilian has been shot dead in clashes between Hamas and Palestinian police

  India England make double strike  Kumble celebrates but tourists dominate in Bangalore. Matthew Hoggard made a double breakthrough

  Washington 2 groups join terror blacklist  Bush has frozen the assets of Pakistan-based Umnah Tameer E-nau and the Kashmir-based Lashkar-e-Toiba

San Francisco Bay Area , December 20, 2001 Timeline