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B. 12-21 Caretaker leader named Argentina
2. 12-21 US warplanes attack convoy Afghanistan
D. 12-21 Presidential elections set for March 3 Argentina
E. 12-21 Tendulkar scores 90 India
5. 12-21 6 killed in clashes Gaza
G. 12-21 7 die in Sofia disco stampede Bulgaria
12-21 Swearing-in of interim government Kabul
I. 12-21 Interim president pledges austerity Argentina
9. 12-21 Dialogue with rebels resumes Colombia


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Morning News

Dec.21   Argentina   Caretaker leader named  R. Puerta, the head of the Senate, will be interim president for a 48 hours until Congress chooses a successor

  Afghanistan US warplanes attack convoy  Convoy of vehicles believed to be carrying leaders of the Taleban or al-Qaeda

Day News

  Argentina   Presidential elections set for March 3  Ramon Puerta, who is the country's Senate leader, was stepping aside. He tapped Adolfo Rodriguez Saa for the post

  India Tendulkar scores 90  Hoggard's bowling put England in command on the 3rd day of the 3rd and final cricket test

  Gaza 6 killed in clashes  60 wounded in gunbattles with Palestinian police. Hamas was suspending attacks inside Israel

  Bulgaria 7 die in Sofia disco stampede  All those who died suffocated, as teenagers tried to get into the town centre disco

Evening News

  Kabul     Swearing-in of interim government
  Ceremony attended by representatives from every province. 30-member government is to be headed by Hamid Karzai

  Argentina Interim president pledges austerity  Adolfo Rodriguez Saa will pursue a strict economic policy to deal with the crisis and would keep the peso, pegged to the dollar

  Colombia Dialogue with rebels resumes  Government is resuming formal talks with 5,000-strong National Liberation Army

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