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War & Army Main Event: Karzai appealed for b...
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12-22 Karzai appealed for billions of dollars Kabul
2. 12-22 Japan fires on intruding boat Japan
D. 12-22 Arafat barred from Bethlehem mass West Bank
4. 12-22 3 dead in spy ship drama Japan
F. 12-22 Opposition: We will win Zimbabwe


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Morning News

Dec.22   Kabul     Karzai appealed for billions of dollars  New leader pledges peace and stability, the revival of agriculture, schools and hospitals.

  Japan Japan fires on intruding boat  Coast guard ship has fired at and hit an unidentified boat intruding into 200-mile exclusive economic zone

Day News

  West Bank Arafat barred from Bethlehem mass  Palestinian leader will not be permitted to attend Christmas Eve mass until attacks on Israelis stop

Evening News

  Boston   Explosives feared on Paris flight
  A plane to Miami made an emergency landing after a passenger attempted to light explosive in his shoes

  Japan 3 dead in spy ship drama  Coast guard has found bodies believed to be crew members of a boat that sank after an exchange of fire

  Zimbabwe Opposition: We will win  Morgan Tsvangirai, opposition leader, says attacks by government on his movement will not deny it victory at the election

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