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Politics Main Event: Debt payments suspended
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12-23 Debt payments suspended Argentina
2. 12-23 Giuliani is Person of the Year New York
D. 12-23 Probe into plane bomb plot USA
4. 12-23 Arafat to defy Bethlehem ban Bethlehem, West Bank
F. 12-23 Packers clinch play-off berth Green Bay, Wisconsin


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Morning News

Dec.23   Argentina   Debt payments suspended
  New interim president will suspend foreign debt payments, triggering the default

  Kashmir 2 border troops shot dead  India says border guards have been killed by Pakistani troops in a clash while on patrol

Day News

  New York     Giuliani is Person of the Year  Mayor admired for rallying the city after the September 11 attacks. Speculation was bin Laden would be named

  USA Probe into plane bomb plot  US and France are investigating how a man managed to smuggle explosives by hiding them in the heel of his shoe

Evening News

  West Bank Arafat to defy Bethlehem ban  Palestinian leader will defy an Israeli ban preventing him from travelling to Bethlehem to attend Christmas festivities

  Wisconsin Packers clinch play-off berth  Green Bay Packers get first NFL play-off berth since 1998

San Francisco Bay Area , December 23, 2001 Timeline