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War & Army Main Event: Bush fires wreck holi...
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1. 12-24 Warlord Dostum is given top job Kabul
C. 12-24 Bomber held for Friday hearing Boston
3. 12-24 Minister shot dead; Troops deployed Nigeria
E. 12-24 Pope gives Christmas Eve sermon Vatican
5. 12-24 Border tensions rise Kashmir
12-24 Bush fires wreck holiday havoc Australia
H. 12-24 Train crash kills 42 Indonesia


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Morning News

Dec.24   Kabul   Warlord Dostum is given top job  New leader Karzai has appointed the northern warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum as deputy defence minister

  Boston   Bomber held for Friday hearing  British citizen Richard Reid tried to detonate explosives packed in the heels of his shoes

  Nigeria   Minister shot dead; Troops deployed  Justice Minister Bola Ige was shot dead at his home. President Obasanjo has sent troops to restore order

Day News

  Vatican Pope gives Christmas Eve sermon  John Paul II said this Christmas people were anxious and distressed

  Kashmir Border tensions rise  India and Pakistan are massing troops near their border. India has cancelled military leave

Evening News

  Australia   Bush fires wreck holiday havoc
  Fires are fanned by high winds and scorching temperatures

  Indonesia Train crash kills 42  2 passenger trains packed with holiday makers have collided

San Francisco Bay Area , December 24, 2001 Timeline