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War & Army Main Event: Border clash. 3 killed
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12-25 Border clash. 3 killed Israel
2. 12-25 Let us save the children, says pope Vatican
3. 12-25 Army 'kills 500 rebels' Burundi
E. 12-25 Struggle with inferno Sydney
F. 12-25 Mass attempt to breach tunnel France
G. 12-25 Bomb suspect part of network Boston
7. 12-25 Missiles moved to border Pakistan
8. 12-25 Israel to lift Jericho blockade Ramallah, West Bank
J. 12-25 Rains kill 45, 48 still missing Rio de Janeiro


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Morning News

Dec.25   Israel   Border clash. 3 killed  An Israeli patrol was ambushed. One soldier dead. Troops chased and shot 2 men dead on the Israeli side of the border

  Vatican Let us save the children, says pope  John Paul II has dedicated much of his Christmas message to children suffering from conflicts

  Burundi Army 'kills 500 rebels'  The army in Burundi says it has killed more than 500 rebels. 28 soldiers were also killed

Day News

  Sydney   Struggle with inferno  Hundreds have evacuated towns, holiday resorts and national parks as bush fires rage in the eastern Australia

  France Mass attempt to breach tunnel  150 asylum seekers tried to cross illegally into the UK. The Channel Tunnel has been closed

  Boston Bomb suspect part of network  The FBI believes Richard Reid had an accomplice

Evening News

  Pakistan   Missiles moved to border  India and Pakistan have moved ballistic missiles and troops close to their border regions and evacuated villages

  West Bank Israel to lift Jericho blockade  Troops remain deployed in several towns, including Ramallah

  Rio de Janeiro Rains kill 45, 48 still missing  2,000 driven from their homes

San Francisco Bay Area , December 25, 2001 Timeline