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Crime Main Event: New Bin Laden TV broadcast
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B. 12-26 Senate recalled after murder Nigeria
C. 12-26 China urges border restraint China
12-26 New Bin Laden TV broadcast Afghanistan
4. 12-26 500 refugees storm Channel Tunnel France
F. 12-26 President promises new jobs Argentina
6. 12-26 Enough evidence to convict Milosevic UN Tribunal
7. 12-26 Hunt for arsonists Sydney


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Morning News

Dec.26   Nigeria Senate recalled after murder  Senators have been ordered to return from holiday a month early for an emergency meeting

  China China urges border restraint  China has called for calm for India and Pakistan

Day News

  Afghanistan     New Bin Laden TV broadcast
  Osama has accused the West of loathing Islam in a message broadcast by Jazeera

  France   500 refugees storm Channel Tunnel  Refugees trying to get to Britain in two waves. 129 arrested

  Argentina President promises new jobs  Adolfo Rodriguez Saa promised that the jobs would be paid for with the new currency

Evening News

  UN Tribunal Enough evidence to convict Milosevic  Prosecutor Carla del Ponte is convinced there is now enough evidence for Milosevic to be convicted of genocide

  Sydney Hunt for arsonists  Most of the bushfires threatening Sydney were started deliberately

San Francisco Bay Area , December 26, 2001 Timeline