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Terror Main Event: India imposes Pakistan sa...
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12-27 India imposes Pakistan sanctions India
2. 12-27 Ministry: Bin Laden escapes to Pakistan Afghanistan
D. 12-27 Amnesty offered North Korea
4. 12-27 Hit US economy, urges Bin Laden Qatar
5. 12-27 Base to house Afghan prisoners Guantanamo
G. 12-27 Bichel puts Australia on top Melbourne
H. 12-27 US bombers hit Taleban hideout Afghanistan


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Morning News

Dec.27   India   India imposes Pakistan sanctions  Indian government takes minimal diplomatic steps, while urging the Pakistan to take action against 2 militant groups

  Afghanistan Ministry: Bin Laden escapes to Pakistan  Defence ministry spokesman says that Osama has escaped to Pakistan

  North Korea Amnesty offered  Arare amnesty announced for prisoners to mark 90th birthday anniversary of the late President Kim Il-Sung

Day News

  Qatar     Hit US economy, urges Bin Laden  Osama' latest video message urged supporters to 'hit the pillars of the US economy'

  Guantanamo Base to house Afghan prisoners  Taleban and al-Qaeda prisoners to transfer to the Guantanamo Bay naval base

  Melbourne Bichel puts Australia on top  Andy snared 3 wickets, took a catch and affected a run out to put Australia in control of the second test at the Cricket Ground

Evening News

  USA US warns India and Pakistan  The United States is trying to defuse escalating tensions between nuclear rivals

  Afghanistan US bombers hit Taleban hideout  Warplanes have destroyed a compound south-west of Kabul

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