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Politics Main Event: Pakistan ready for talk...
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B. 12-28 Shoe bomb plane 'faced disaster' Boston
2. 12-28 UN's Kosovo chief resigns Kosovo
D. 12-28 Greber gets first World Cup victory Italy
E. 12-28 Bush says Afghan mission goes on Texas
F. 12-28 Pakistan voices war fears Pakistan
12-28 Pakistan ready for talks with India Pakistan
7. 12-28 Early elections Portugal
8. 12-28 'Angel of death' re-arrested Argentina
J. 12-28 Villagers flee India-Pakistan border Pakistan


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Morning News

Dec.28   Boston   Shoe bomb plane 'faced disaster'  Court has heard Richard Reid could have blown a hole in the side of the plane

  Kosovo UN's Kosovo chief resigns  Hans Haekkerup, 56, was stepping down due to family reasons

  Italy Greber gets first World Cup victory  Christian Greber led an Austrian 1-2-3 sweep in the first of back-to-back downhill races

  Texas Bush says Afghan mission goes on  Bush has said troops will remain in Afghanistan until they destroy the cells of al-Qaeda

  Pakistan Pakistan voices war fears  Officials have warned that a war with India is a possibility unless there is an international effort to defuse tensions

Day News

  Pakistan   Pakistan ready for talks with India
  Pakistan President Musharraf is ready to meet Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee at a regional summit in Nepal

  Portugal Early elections  President has dissolved parliament and called a general election for 17 March, following the resignation of PM

  Argentina 'Angel of death' re-arrested  Alfredo Astiz, an ex-navy captain, has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Swedish national in 1977

Evening News

  Pakistan   Villagers flee India-Pakistan border  Two countries mass troops and artillery along their border. Delhi has rejected talks with Pakistan President Musharraf

  Argentina Violence returns  Police have used tear gas and water cannons. Demonstrators broke into the Congress building

  Southern Philippines Gunmen massacre 10 villagers  Armed men opened fire on villagers on the southern island of Mindanao

  Sydney 100 bush fires raging  Fire-fighters are bracing for a new wave of fires as temperatures continue to soar

San Francisco Bay Area , December 28, 2001 Timeline