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Politics Main Event: Fireworks blaze kills 2...
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B. 12-29 Strobl leads another Austrian sweep Italy
2. 12-29 Candidate alleges fraud Zambia
3. 12-29 Cabinet offers to quit Argentina
4. 12-29 Dinner date heralds talks Cyprus
F. 12-29 200 al-Qaeda members questioned Afghanistan
12-29 Fireworks blaze kills 230 Lima, Peru
7. 12-29 Parties back tough stance India


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Morning News

Dec.29   Italy   Strobl leads another Austrian sweep  Fritz Strobl leading 3 teammates in a 1-2-3-4 finish in downhill

  Zambia Candidate alleges fraud  Opposition leader Anderson Mazoka, wealthy businessman, has declared himself the winner

  Argentina Cabinet offers to quit  All the ministers in week-old interim government have offered their resignations

Day News

  Cyprus   Dinner date heralds talks  Turkish Cypriot leader Denktash has crossed into the Greek part of Cyprus for the first time since 1974

  Afghanistan 200 al-Qaeda members questioned  Pakistani intelligence officers and 10 FBI agents are stepping up efforts to track down Osama Bin Laden

Evening News

  Peru   Fireworks blaze kills 230 Map of Lima Peru
  Blaze swept through a popular shopping district in the capital Lima

  India Parties back tough stance  All political parties have offered their support if Government decides to go to war against Pakistan

San Francisco Bay Area , December 29, 2001 Timeline