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12-03 Defiant message amid crisis Argentina
C. 12-03 Helicopters, jets strike Jenin, Gaza West Bank
D. 12-03 Off-spinner sparks England collapse India
4. 12-03 Malawi cuts AIDS drugs prices 20% Malawi
F. 12-03 Muslims, Christians clashed Sulawesi
G. 12-03 Europe anti-terror summit Romania
7. 12-03 Nuclear plant challenge rejected Ireland
I. 12-03 Agreement on Afghan government Ruhr
J. 12-03 World swim record broken China


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Morning News

Dec.3   Argentina   Defiant message amid crisis  Government limits the amount of cash that can be withdrawn. Economy minister blamed speculators

  West Bank   Helicopters, jets strike Jenin, Gaza  Helicopters struck Arafat's heliport and guard barracks in Gaza. F-16 jets attacked offices of Arafat

  India Off-spinner sparks England collapse  Singh claimed 5 wickets for 6 runs in post-tea spell on the opening day of the first test match

  Malawi Malawi cuts AIDS drugs prices 20%  Government will slash the price of drugs early next year to make them more affordable

Day News

  Sulawesi Muslims, Christians clashed  8 people have been killed in the island of Sulawesi. Muslim fighters were preparing to attack Christian villagers

  Romania Europe anti-terror summit  Foreign ministers of the 55-nation OSCE opened a 2-day conference. Powell to join the session

  Ireland Nuclear plant challenge rejected  A U.N. court refused to grant Ireland's request for an injunction to halt the start-up of a mixed oxide fuel plant

Evening News

  Ruhr   Agreement on Afghan government Map of Ruhr  4 opposition groups have reached agreement on the structure of an interim government and on peacekeepers

  China   World swim record broken  2 Chinese swimmers touched the wall at the same time to break the short-course record for the women's 50 meters breaststroke

  Jerusalem     Israel: Arafat supports terrorists  After 5 hours of closed-door talks, the Cabinet called the Palestinian Authority a 'terrorist-supporting entity'

  Sweden Tart attack was treason  Court has convicted 4 teenagers, all aged 16 or 17, of high treason for throwing a cream cake at King Carl Gustaf

  Canada Agreement to bolster border security  U.S., Canada agreement on the 4,000-mile border will commit more resources to border patrol

  Washington Ridge issues new security alert  Homeland Security Director is warning of the another terrorist attack, citing the 'quantity and level' of threats

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