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War & Army Main Event: Interim President res...
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B. 12-30 Top militant arrested Pakistan
2. 12-30 Pakistan ready for war Pakistan
3. 12-30 Army kills 3 gunmen Gaza
E. 12-30 Rescuers recovering more bodies Lima, Peru
12-30 Interim President resigns Argentina
G. 12-30 New land seizures planned Zimbabwe
7. 12-30 Fighting as standoff continues Kashmir


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Morning News

Dec.30   Pakistan   Top militant arrested  Hafiz Mohammed Saeed is leader of Lashkar-e-Toiba blamed by India for the suicide attack on its parliament

  Pakistan Pakistan ready for war  President, Pervez Musharraf, has said that Pakistan has taken all counter measures

  Gaza Army kills 3 gunmen  Troops have killed 3 Palestinian militants who attacked one of armoured vehicles

  Peru Rescuers recovering more bodies  Rescuers are picking through the rubble of a shopping centre in Lima. Some victims trapped in cars caught in the fire

Day News

  Argentina   Interim President resigns
  Adolfo Rodriguez Saa resigned 7 days after taking office. He had failed to win the backing of his Peronist party

  Zimbabwe New land seizures planned  100,000 black will be allocated land

Evening News

  Kashmir   Fighting as standoff continues  2 Indian soldiers have been killed and 6 wounded during several hours of cross-border clashes

San Francisco Bay Area , December 30, 2001 Timeline