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War & Army Main Event: Militant arrests in P...
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12-31 Militant arrests in Pakistan welcomed India
2. 12-31 US denies bombing civilians Afghanistan
D. 12-31 Europe hails historic euro European Union
E. 12-31 48 killed in truck crash South Africa
F. 12-31 Pakistan given 'wanted' list New Delhi


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Morning News

Dec.31   India     Militant arrests in Pakistan welcomed  Foreign minister Jaswant Singh called arrests a 'step in the correct direction'

  Afghanistan US denies bombing civilians  US is being accused of bombing a village, killing more than 100 residents

  European Union Europe hails historic euro  Leaders have hailed the forthcoming launch as the start of a new chapter in history

  South Africa 48 killed in truck crash  100 members of the Chego family were travelling in the truck. 70 injured

Day News

  New Delhi Pakistan given 'wanted' list  20 suspected terrorists India wants handed over for questioning. There is little sign of any easing in the current tension

San Francisco Bay Area , December 31, 2001 Timeline