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War & Army Main Event: Attacks on Palestinia...
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12-04 Attacks on Palestinian targets West Bank
2. 12-04 Raid wounds top bin Laden aide Jalalabad, Afghanistan
D. 12-04 India takes charge in second test India
4. 12-04 North Korea threatens arms build-up North Korea
F. 12-04 AIDS programme criticised Ethiopia
G. 12-04 Workers plucked from sinking rig Cyprus
7. 12-04 Anti-Taliban fighters battle al Qaeda Jalalabad, Afghanistan
I. 12-04 Court backs land seizures Zimbabwe
J. 12-04 President cites changes in first year Mexico


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Morning News

Dec.4   West Bank   Attacks on Palestinian targets  Warplanes and helicopters attack 5 targets -- 2 Gaza and 3 in the West Bank

  Afghanistan     Raid wounds top bin Laden aide Map of Jalalabad Afghanistan  Afghans say that Ayman al-Zawahiri was injured in an air raid during U.S. strikes near Jalalabad

  India India takes charge in second test  Dasgupta's painstaking century and a knock by Dravid put India in control of the opening test against England

  North Korea North Korea threatens arms build-up  North Korea wants to counter what it called a 'strong-arm policy'

  Ethiopia AIDS programme criticised  Opposition parties called to declare a state of emergency to stop the spread of the disease

  Cyprus Workers plucked from sinking rig  A helicopter has successfully plucked all 84 people from 6,347 tonne Key Singapore rig sinking in rough seas

Day News

  Afghanistan   Anti-Taliban fighters battle al Qaeda Map of Jalalabad Afghanistan  Brief gun battle fought in the hills on the approach to the mountains around Tora Bora nearJalalabad

  Zimbabwe Court backs land seizures  Supreme Court has ruled that President Mugabe's land reform programme is legal

  Mexico President cites changes in first year  Vicente Fox said his style is actually a sign of the changing time. Critics have called it weak and befuddled

Evening News

  Ruhr     Karzai to head Afghanistan Map of Ruhr  Anti-Taliban commander Pashtun Hamid Karzai has been designated to head an interim government by delegates in Bonn

  Afghanistan     Anti-Talibans rush to Tora Bora  Several thousand mujahedeen fighters were being rushed to mountains where Osama bin Laden might be hiding

  Jerusalem New suicide bombing; 5 injured  A powerful explosion happened outside the entrance of a luxury hotel. Bomber only was killed

  Kenya 10 die in Nairobi rent riots  They were hacked to death in a sprawling slum area when rival groups clashed over a rent dispute

  Japan Mouse triggers bullet train outage  All services were halted on one of super-fast lines after mouse got into a switchboard and caused a short circuit

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