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12-05 Afghan factions sign power deal Ruhr
C. 12-05 Ex-first lady murdered Cape Town
D. 12-05 3 US soldiers killed by B-52 bomb Kandahar
E. 12-05 Uzbek warlord rejects Afghan deal Afghanistan
5. 12-05 Dow above 10,000, Nasdaq over 2K New York
G. 12-05 Vote rigging, violence tarnish poll Sri Lanka
7. 12-05 Russia to cut oil exports Russia
I. 12-05 Arsenal and Real roll London
9. 12-05 IMF blocks loan Argentina


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Morning News

Dec.5   Ruhr   Afghan factions sign power deal Map of Ruhr
  Delegates at U.N.-sponsored talks have signed an accord to set up a post-Taliban government

  Cape Town   Ex-first lady murdered
Map of Cape Town
  Marike de Klerk, 64-year-old former wife of F.W. de Klerk, had been stabbed and strangled at her home in Cape Town

  Kandahar   3 US soldiers killed by B-52 bomb  Also 5 anti-Taleban fighters killed and 19 U.S. soldiers wounded when the smart bomb was dropped north of Kandahar

  Afghanistan Uzbek warlord rejects Afghan deal  Abdul Dostum intends to boycott new interim government since his faction had been treated unfairly under accord

  New York Dow above 10,000, Nasdaq over 2K  There are hopes of US economy is finally on the road to recovery

  Sri Lanka Vote rigging, violence tarnish poll  A high turnout despite polling irregularities and 49 people died in the run up to the election

  Russia Russia to cut oil exports  Russia has bowed to international pressure and will reduce exports by 150,000 barrels per day

  London Arsenal and Real roll  Arsenal stormed to a 3-1 victory over Juventus. Real made 3-0 at the Bernabeu

Day News

  Argentina IMF blocks loan  The IMF could not hand over a $1.3bn loan payment because it had been unable to complete a review

  Canada Commandos en route to Afghanistan  After weeks of waiting, 250 commandos are on the move for deployment

  England United trounce Boavista 3-0  Nistelrooy scored twice. Beckham sits out of game

Evening News

  Gaza     Militants clash over Yassin arrest  Militants opened fire on Palestinian police enforcing the house arrest of Hamas spiritual leader

  Russia Dotcom tycoon space bound  Russia's space agency is close to signing a deal with Mark Shuttleworth, 27, to fly to the International Space Station

  Cyprus Talks seek to end dispute  The Greek Cypriot president Glafcos Clerides has entered Turkish Cypriot territory for the first time to visit Rauf Denktash

  New York Ex-Sotheby's boss convicted  Alfred Taubman was found guilty of conspiring with the chief competitor to fix the commissions paid by art sellers

  Sri Lanka Opposition takes early lead in polls  United National Party has taken a lead, as the government extended a curfew

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