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Crime Main Event: Kandahar fell
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1. 12-06 Guard held over de Klerk murder South Africa
2. 12-06 EU seek terror arrest warrant deal European Union
3. 12-06 Pirates kill America's Cup skipper Brazil
E. 12-06 Opposition wins election Sri Lanka
5. 12-06 White House knifeman detained Washington
12-06 Kandahar fell Kandahar
H. 12-06 Japan slips into recession Japan
I. 12-06 Planes hit Palestinian police HQ Gaza
9. 12-06 Gunman dead in shooting spree Indiana


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Morning News

Dec.6   South Africa Guard held over de Klerk murder  Security guard arrested in connection with the violent murder of the wife of former president

  European Union EU seek terror arrest warrant deal  Justice ministers are discussing a pan-EU arrest warrant to beef up fight against terrorism

Day News

  Brazil     Pirates kill America's Cup skipper
  New Zealander Peter Blake, 53, has been shot dead in an attack by masked gunmen on boat as it lay anchored

  Sri Lanka   Opposition wins election  United National Party headed for a clear victory. Government extended an overnight curfew

  Washington White House knifeman detained  The 26-year-old man was carrying a knife at least a foot long. He had additional weapons in his pickup

Evening News

  Kandahar   Kandahar fell
  The Taliban lost last major stronghold. Opposition forces entered the city. There are reports of looting

  Japan     Japan slips into recession  Economy shrank 0.5% in the September quarter following a 0.8% drop in GDP in the second quarter

  Gaza   Planes hit Palestinian police HQ  2 large explosions injured 17 people, mostly security officials

  Indiana Gunman dead in shooting spree  Worker threatened to return with gun, then killed one co-worker and wounded 6 others before turning the gun on himself

San Francisco Bay Area , December 6, 2001 Timeline