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War & Army Main Event: Russia and NATO agree...
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12-07 Russia and NATO agree joint action NATO
C. 12-07 Countess' sorrow at lost baby England
D. 12-07 3-way security meeting Israel
E. 12-07 Guard confesses to de Klerk murder South Africa
F. 12-07 7 held over sailor's death Brazil
6. 12-07 Confusion over Omar fate Southern Afghanistan
7. 12-07 Bush on Pearl Harbor 60th anniversary Washington
8. 12-07 U.S. troops battle fleeing Taliban Afghanistan


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Morning News

Dec.7   NATO   Russia and NATO agree joint action  Agreement is creating a new council on issues ranging from civil emergencies to missile defence

  England   Countess' sorrow at lost baby  Prince Edward's wife Sophie, 36, had an operation for an ectopic pregnancy

  Israel 3-way security meeting  Meeting with U.S. envoy Anthony Zinni in Tel Aviv aimed at 19 steps the U.S. wants the Palestinians to take to curb terrorism

  South Africa Guard confesses to de Klerk murder  The 21-year-old security guard was at the complex where the wife of former president was found dead

  Brazil 7 held over sailor's death  Police are still searching for an 8th suspect, who had piloted the bandits to Blake's ship

Evening News

  Southern Afghanistan   Confusion over Omar fate  Some reports say Mullah was being held in Kandahar, other that he has been seen with family on the Pakistan border

  Washington Bush on Pearl Harbor 60th anniversary  Bush has vowed that campaign in Afghanistan will end in victory

  Afghanistan U.S. troops battle fleeing Taliban  Marines had been involved in ground and air attacks, using helicopters

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