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War & Army Main Event: 8 refugees found dead
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12-08 8 refugees found dead Ireland
2. 12-08 Helicopter attack Gaza
3. 12-08 Afghans urged to hunt down fugitives Afghanistan
4. 12-08 Assault continues on Tora Bora Kandahar
F. 12-08 Key bridge to reopen to Afghanistan Uzbekistan
6. 12-08 10 die in violence Kashmir
H. 12-08 Private funeral for Marike de Klerk South Africa
I. 12-08 Factions discuss Kandahar leadership Kandahar
J. 12-08 Suicide attack in Haifa injures 29 Haifa, Northern Israel


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Morning News

Dec.8   Ireland   8 refugees found dead
  8 (6 men and 2 boys) dead and 5 seriously ill inside a container on a lorry

  Gaza     Helicopter attack  2 helicopters fired missiles at a Palestinian military intelligence HQ, a police station, and a building housing the elite guard

  Afghanistan     Afghans urged to hunt down fugitives  New leader Hamid Karzai has called to help hunt down Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar

  Kandahar Assault continues on Tora Bora  Tribal leaders report Omar no longer in Kandahar. There were tensions over the political control of the city

  Uzbekistan Key bridge to reopen to Afghanistan  Bridge will speed up aid to war refugees

  Kashmir 10 die in violence  30 others wounded in a gunfight when Islamic militants fired on an army convoy

  South Africa Private funeral for Marike de Klerk  Former first lady was buried, 5 days after she was strangled in her apartment

Day News

  Kandahar   Factions discuss Kandahar leadership  Rival factions met in secret north of Kandahar to try to end a conflict over who would control the city

Evening News

  Northern Israel   Suicide attack in Haifa injures 29 Map of Haifa Israel
  A police officer had approached the man, who blew himself up at a bus station

  Afghanistan Hunt for bin Laden steps up  Osama may have fled a mountains for nearby forests to lead 1,000 men

  Norway Nobel winners call for Suu Kyi release  Nobel Peace Prize winners urged the Myanmar government to release democracy leader, the fellow laureate

  Brazil Police hunt suspects in Blake killing  20-year-old Rubens da Silva Souza ferried the gang to Blake's yacht. Another is Jose Pantoja da Costa

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